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Does he have any grounds for this?? honest opinions please!!

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essbee · 26/09/2005 10:40

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
essbee · 26/09/2005 10:41

Message withdrawn

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aloha · 26/09/2005 10:42

He simply can't stop you moving. No, not possible. He could go to court if you were leaving the country, but not if you are moving to Devon. Just not remotely possible. He's made it up.

Marina · 26/09/2005 10:43

essbee, does he know about the other situation?

aloha · 26/09/2005 10:43

You can just move. It's that simple. He can't do a thing to stop you. Sometimes I think that's unfair, but in your case, with him, I think it's an excellent idea.

mummytosteven · 26/09/2005 10:45

Sorry your ex is continuing to be such an ar$e. Wouldn't have thought that there would be any issue as you are still going to be in England. Please speak to your sols or you might be able to get some advice from Women's Aid helpline if you can't get an answer from your sols.

essbee · 26/09/2005 10:55

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
mummytosteven · 26/09/2005 10:56

remember his track record for speaking b$ll$cks, going back on what he's said. you can't trust a word he says!

aloha · 26/09/2005 10:56

Yes, he's made it up! He can't stop you moving. Honestly he can't. Theoretically he could apply for residence of the children, but he wouldn't get it (and I bet he doesn't want it!)

essbee · 26/09/2005 11:01

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
essbee · 26/09/2005 11:03

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
mummytosteven · 26/09/2005 11:04

doing great! not washed it yet mind - it;ll go back to it's frizzy self I am sure.

could you direct your hair consultancy skills to a hair thread in style - by fastasleep ta

Marina · 26/09/2005 11:06

As others have said, he cannot do anything to stop you, the pig.
Very pleased that he is ignorant about the other issue (well he is ignorant full stop as we all know).
If your GP is any good he/she should be able to separate the two factors and confirm that overall, with regards to factors that your bx (bastard ex) is aware of, you are doing so incredibly well. And give you the report you need to blow bx out of the water yet again.
Have you spotted any strange dragons trying to tamper with your phone lines though? That IMO does represent an obstacle to your plans

staceym11 · 26/09/2005 11:25

oh essbee, i hope your ok, you dxp sounds like a real @rse, how you doing?

SoupDragon · 26/09/2005 11:29

Oh, sorry Marina, I missed essbee and caught you

The man is an ar$e who has talked nothing but complete b*llocks since this started. Don't lie to your GP either as that will help no one.
LIZS · 26/09/2005 11:34

my, he's sounding desperate now, isn't he. Has he formally agreed to the house sale as that would be a much easier way for him to stall your move. Anyway I though discussions with a dr were confidential so would be shocked if he disclosed anything significant in a report (which I suspect only a court could insist upon anyway and it would be very unlikely to get that far with his history, imho). Try not to let him get to you.

aloha · 26/09/2005 11:34

You can move anywhere in England and Wales (the jurisdiction of the court). If you wanted to move to Australia he could oppose it, but even then he almost certainly wouldn't be able to stop it.

SoupDragon · 26/09/2005 11:36

You could always say sweetly "If you persist with your ridiculous threats and trying to prevent me rebuilding my life and the lives of the children I will have to add full details of your violent behaviour back into the divorce petition in order to stop you."

essbee · 26/09/2005 16:31

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
aloha · 26/09/2005 16:38

WEll, theoretically he could apply for a prohibited steps order to stop you going to Aus, but if you said it was in the interests of the children (education/family/your own health and happiness) the court wouldn't stop you. They never do!
Today Devon, tomorrow...the world!
You are doing well Essbee...keep it up and don't let his nonsense knock your confidence.

gingerbear · 26/09/2005 16:41

He is clutching at straws essbee. You don't need him to step in, and with 200 miles distance between you, you will breathe a big sigh of relief and be able to get on with your new, fabulous Devonian life.

Raising a virtual glass to you and wishing you the best of luck.

staceym11 · 26/09/2005 17:32

was thinking about it the other day and had lost your email addy, and didnt even think to CAT you (brain vacated when got pg with dd) well any evening should be ok except tonight (got banging headache!) what you think?

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