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Own Magazine business

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fsmail · 25/09/2005 09:39

I saw an advert recently for a woman who was encouraging other people to start their own local newspapers with advertisements. The woman was from Solihull and had launched her own package and website. Does anyone have details of what she did or her website?0000000000

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Carmenere · 25/09/2005 09:43

The company is called mymag and the site is .It seems like a good idea but she charges around £3,500 for the package and I'd imagine she makes most of her money from that as opposed to the magazine. It begs the question if she could do it so easily why would you need to buy a start up package from her?

fsmail · 25/09/2005 09:47

Thanks Carmanere. Sounds expensive. Depends how much you make from advertising I guess.

I shall check it out.

OP posts:
skinnycow · 25/09/2005 09:54

Im from Solihull and Ive never had a new newspaper delivered but I have heard about her. I think she won Solihull businesswoman of hte year a couple of years ago (or similar massive accolade)

fsmail · 25/09/2005 10:15

Thanks Skinnycow. I am trying to inspire my DH. I am from Hall Green so not far away.

OP posts:
skinnycow · 25/09/2005 10:40

are you? I used to live in Hall Green!

Scatterbrain · 25/09/2005 10:43


I looked into this earlier this year - not with mymag but with another franchisor - and to be honest was very disappointed with the package offered for quite a lot of money. Also - I hadn't realised but you have to pay a % of your profits to the franchisor every issue - which can be quite a hefty fee. The one that I looked at didn't even expect you to break even (ie. recoup the investment) until year 3 - which I thought was ridiculous !

I concluded that I couldn't afford to do it - which was a shame as I was really really interested.

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