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What is take home pay on 19k?

5 replies

pinkmamma · 18/09/2005 08:52

Been trying to find info on internet and can't find it anywhere...

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katzguk · 18/09/2005 08:54

it would be about 1000 a month ish maybe a little more. its about what i earn/take home

munz · 18/09/2005 09:08

based on the standard code for this year should be about £1195 (based on a 489L month 1 basis)

girl in work earns £17500 and take home is about £1130 ish (something like that)

WideWebWitch · 18/09/2005 09:24

salary calculator

NannyL · 18/09/2005 09:44


according to that very useful site!

pinkmamma · 19/09/2005 07:39


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