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need advice on application form for new job

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albosmum · 30/08/2005 13:36

I have just applied for voluntary redundancy and been accepted as of 31 july. before this i was on annual leave for 4 months, unpaid maternity for 6 months and 6 months maternity leave so have not been to work for 16 months. I was due back to work on the 2nd of august.

So on an application form do i need to tell an employer this - I do feel morally obliged as it would be misleading for me to claim to have been in work for the last 16 months.

or should I add a note re: my situation

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albosmum · 30/08/2005 14:04


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GeorgieVickyLou · 30/08/2005 14:09

To be fair, you where stil employed when you where off. your not lying as this is still part of your employment history..

Bramshott · 30/08/2005 14:10

I've always put my leaving date for the job I was on maternity leave from as the actual date I resigned (i.e. end of maternity leave) as you are still employed by them until that point.

albosmum · 30/08/2005 14:13

I know legally i am still employed by them - but one job I am applying for asked for recent experience and my experince is 17 months old! but on my form it looked like I had been out of work for 4 weeks

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GeorgieVickyLou · 30/08/2005 14:16

It's still your most recent experience..

albosmum · 30/08/2005 14:23

So do you think I should just keep quiet?

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GeorgieVickyLou · 30/08/2005 15:03

It's a tricky one, you don't want to lie to them - which your not, and to be honest i don't think they are allowed to ask about personal life in interviews (could be used against them for reason for not employing - indirect discrimination i think!)i wouldn't hide it but i would just offer it on a plate to them , if it comes up be honest if it dosen't then don't worry.. what difference will it make to weather you can do new the job you are applying for now if they know of not?

GeorgieVickyLou · 30/08/2005 15:04

WOULDN'T offer it on a plate - opps..

GeorgieVickyLou · 30/08/2005 15:06

Might be worth bumping this later tonight when more people who do 'hiring' in thier jobs are back from work.. they know exectly what to do (or give you some ideas any how..)

albosmum · 30/08/2005 15:29

thanks for all the advice I will do that

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albosmum · 30/08/2005 20:16

bump - hoping someone from HR/personnel can help

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albosmum · 30/08/2005 20:45


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roisin · 30/08/2005 20:52

Can you give us an idea as to what sort of job it is? 'Recent experience' means different things in different circumstances.

For instance in the legal and medical worlds things move on a huge pace in 16 months, and your application might be viewed as being deceptive. But in some other areas 'recent experience' would mean over the past 5 years or so.

Having said that I have always been thoroughly open and honest about 'career breaks' and I don't think it's disadvantaged me. If something like that comes out at interview or later it could cause you some serious problems, much better IMO to be upfront about it at the beginning.

albosmum · 30/08/2005 20:59

Its library based work - with quite alot of IT so things do change. I don't want to keep it secret its just that their is no where on the aplication form to put this info - unless I put it in the personal statement bit and I don't know if it sounds a bit weird "btw - even though I have been employed by XXXXX I have not been to work for 16months plus they have just paid me to not go back"

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