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Grrr - at Haydock Finance..........

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QueenOfQuotes · 24/08/2005 14:51

they just called DH and told him they were going to issue him a default notice.

Fair enough you may say, we haven't paid the money due at the beginning of the month. BUT on the 17th of this month they sent a letter saying that we had to pay by the 27th and if we couldn't pay to contact CAB or the courts to try and sort it out (unlike the Mortgage provider who said call us, so we did and they sorted out a solution for us).

DH has just read out their letter ot them and after a 20 minutes call - they've back down and said they won't issue a default notice until after the 27th......

If we didn't know our 'rights' any better we could have had one issued unfairly - I wonder how many other vulnerable people have default notices slapped on them by companies like this trying the same trick as them

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