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2nd Chapter, part 3.... Wendyhappysmile's book

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Jas · 08/11/2009 00:21


OP posts:
OverflowingFestiveMum · 21/12/2009 21:16

Wonderful.Really enjoyed this ...thanks Wendy.Finally finished it this morning....
(thats me being slow, not the book not being engaging LOL)
Actually can't believe I havent read this!
Loved lots about it. Love how the main character developes through the book. You can see this in so many examples of how she speaks,acts and thinks.Love the suspense aspect and all the little twists.
And the way the book goes full circle...I went back and re-read the begining afer I got to the end and it all tied together so well!
The ending was a bit a brupt and a left me a bit but not that that is a bad thing...reading the begining again sort of ended it better....
Anyway...great. Really enjoyed it.

Will post it on ASAP...sorry jas

wendyhappysmile · 16/01/2010 16:00

So glad you enjoyed it, OFM one of my favourite books!

pancakeisuptheduff · 17/09/2010 20:57

Very intrigued to reread this as I last read it about 20 years ago. I was really amazed at how different my reaction was this time around. I remember thinking it was very romantic when I was younger and feeling the relief and delight of the heroine when she discovers the truth about R. This time around I thought, 'great, you're married to a wife-murderer who was too cowardly to divorce his wife when he found out about her and too emotionally stunted to tell you he loved you until now.' I also bought into the portrait of R. as being a total mare the first time around, whereas on second reading she is spirited and intriguing, if still not likeable.

Which is not to say it isn't a brilliant book. The scene where she appears in the costume is just devastating, and the description of the house and its setting are incredibly vividit's like reading in technicolourall the more vivid in comparison to the colour-drained world they inhabit afterwards.

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