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Thingamy #3 - Flame's Book

3 replies

FlameWithTooManyHormones · 01/10/2009 19:19


I can't remember the author!

OP posts:
Flamesnores · 16/11/2009 19:15

Forgot to say anything about it. Janeite mentioned this on a "books you've read this year thread" and linked to a review about it. The review sounded like another story I had read recently, but more in depth, so I decided to try it and enjoyed it

shootfromthehip · 03/12/2009 11:22

I liked it Flame. I did read the blurb and did wait for the 'laugh out loud' funny bits but I found it more thought provoking than anything else. A good read IMO.

Flame · 13/12/2009 21:41

I don't remember any laugh out loud funny bits. I did cry but I was probably hormonal...

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