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Claire2301 · 26/08/2009 08:59


The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman


Sophie Mills has worked her Manolo Blahniks off to reach the near-top of her profession. And she's very happy with her priorities in life - her job, her neurotic cat Artemis and her passion for shoes. After all, relationships only get in the way. And as for children - She hasn't even begun to think about them yet. Until one day an unexpected visitor brings news of a strange inheritance and Sophie is suddenly, out of the blue, in sole charge of two children under the age of six. But motherhood can't be all that hard, can it? Within twenty-four hours, her make-up smeared all over the bathroom, Artemis has taken up residence on top of her wardrobe, and Sophie is in despair. And all her unconventional mother can suggest is "Dr. Roberts' Complete Dog Training and Care Manual". Determined to rise to the challenge, Sophie soon realises that she'll need more than a business plan to cope with all this ...

Why I like it?

I found this book very easy to read, but really enjoyed it. Was one of those books that leave a smile on your face at the end. It is fairly predictable but I enjoyed it all the same.

OP posts:
scowles · 28/08/2009 10:56


I'd just finished reading this book, from a friend, when it arrived via book club!

I also found it very easy to read and predictable.

Still it had bits i could relate to, laugh at and cry at.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a book to take on a trip etc and/or are looking for something that doesn't require much concentration.

Claire2301 · 28/08/2009 20:00

Oh no!!!

Would you like me to post you a different book!? That's so typical?

OP posts:
scowles · 28/08/2009 20:47

No don't worry about it. I have a couple on the go already anyway! stuck at home with SPD so nothing much to do than read anything and everything to hand!

Claire2301 · 28/08/2009 20:54

Oh god, that can't be pleasant. If you wanted me to send over a few (not book club related) then just shout. x

OP posts:
tvaerialmagpiebin · 08/02/2010 20:12

Aha! Found this thread at last.

Well I was a bit about this book from the blurb. I wondered how the death of a mother and subsequent farming-out of two children to someone more interested in shoes could work as a story. And I am afraid that I didn't really take to the story much. I felt too sorry for the girls (yes I KNOW it is only a story). I quite liked the character of the male secretary (but Marian Keyes did it better) but the main love interest did nothing for me and neither did the fella waiting in the wings. I felt I had nothing at all in common with Sophie or anyone else in the story. But it had a happy ending which was a bonus, and some nice descriptions of Cornwall, which is a place I love. But I don't think I ould go out of my way to read anything else by this author.

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