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The Fur Quits - Cathcat's book

13 replies

swissmiss · 01/07/2009 20:29

Cathcat's choice: TO by JH


OP posts:
headintheclouds · 19/07/2009 15:57

When I received this book I did groan a bit because I definately would not have picked it for myself (only because of its historical nature)-I loved it though! The narrator of the story had such a great voice throughout the book. It was an enjoyable read and I would probably look out for more of the authors writing now.(Im not an intellectual so will not be critiquing in a high-brow way!) I think that being a member of our circle is going to be great for exposing me to new work! Thanks Cathcat!

simpson · 25/07/2009 12:36

about to start this book in the next day or so.

A bit daunted by size but looks good

cathcat · 25/07/2009 20:23

Glad you enjoyed it Headintheclouds! The style of the writer which shone through the narration definitely made it a great read for me.

simpson · 17/08/2009 13:07

Ok finished book yesterday so will think of something to put on this thread

Book was a big hit here

simpson · 07/09/2009 21:43

Ok finally getting round to my thoughts on this book

I absolutely loved it but TBH did not think I would at all as what a bit put off by what time period the book was set in and the size of it...

It was very well written and loved the characters in it.

Storyline was fab and again not something I would have chosen myself.

I was able to pick this book up and put it down a good few times without having forgotten what had happened iyswim because there are not too many characters and the characters that are in the book are discribed very well.

Now I want to read more my the same author

caykon · 08/09/2009 18:24

Looking forward to giving this ago, my second one to come that is set in scotland!
Better pull my socks up as still have two tirds of tipping the velvet to read before I start this one, and it certainly isn't the smallest book.

cathcat · 12/10/2009 23:22

Anyone else read my book?

headintheclouds · 13/11/2009 18:03


steamedxmaspudding · 08/12/2009 16:59

I read it!

And I loved it. Had read it before but couldn't remember much about it so was rather like reading it for the first time and I think I appreciated it much more this time round. The narrator's style is so idiosyncratic and full of vitality, I think she is a great character. I also loved the plot and the way it gradually unfurls, such as the way you find out about her previous life through her mistress's diary, and then find out about her mother, and so forth. I also love the ending - it is not what you might expect but very happy, in an odd way. The narrative always keeps you guessing - you never quite know what is going to happen next and what Bessy will do - whether she's a criminal or whether it will turn into a ghost story or if her mistress is really mad or not.

I agree that the period and place in which it is set might put people off reading it initially, but I will definitely look out for more books by this author having read this one!

MoominMymbleandMy · 19/01/2010 14:33

I enjoyed this one a lot. The author was very good at keeping the narrative rattling along and not letting the tension drop even when switching between different viewpoints.

However, I did find the plot implausible, especially towards the end where it all seems very contrived to force a happy ending of sorts.

But Bessy was such a funny, feisty heroine that she more than makes up for the flaws. Very readable and very entertaining.

JackBauer · 27/04/2010 19:55


LightShinesInTheDarkness · 07/07/2010 09:59

I had never heard of this book, which is why I like being in a swap!

It was fun. The storyline is quite unusual, in that the idea that people would have certain physical characteristics that would denote obedience and subservience seems really odd to us now, but its exploring sometimes weird notions that has allowed science and society to develop over years.

I think Arabella had a nervous breakdown, which is not at all unusual seeing as how a girl in her care and of whom she was fond was drivin to suicide by the shame of an illegitimate pregnancy.

Some of the characters were larger than life and I did lose interest in the middle a bit. Bessy is a great character with a really strong narrative voice (liked how her language improves through the book and at the end you find out whay).

Good read - thanks for suggesting it, Cathcat.

Wheelybug · 24/08/2010 08:47

Have read this on my hols. It took me a while to realise it wasn't Joanne Harris though !

Was v. readable - I agree it felt quite implausible in parts but was quite an enjoyable book. It was good to read something a bit 'different'.

Good choice Cathcat - I'll be posting back to you, probably at the weekend.

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