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Vacua · 13/01/2008 10:43

Deceptively simple prose or just bad writing? Reviews fairly sharply polarised, readers either relish the gradual descent into a morally ambiguous world and are haunted by the chilling themes for some time after reading, or they reject the book as dull, pedestrian and one dimensional.

OP posts:
EachPeachPearMum · 14/01/2008 01:06

Is this a quote from somewhere or is that what you think? (and how many readers did you poll?)

leoleo · 14/01/2008 09:31

Hi I recieved this book this morning.. Thanks.
I will post once I have stared reading and have something to say.

Vacua · 15/01/2008 07:34

"is this a quote from somewhere?"

heh, thanks

I only posted this yesterday though?

OP posts:
Vacua · 15/01/2008 07:36

(just remember reviews falling largely into one camp or the other, that's all)

OP posts:
thegrowlygus · 16/01/2008 10:27

Well, as you said Vacua, great minds think alike!

I found the book very interesting and it did leave me rather unsettled after reading it. Having read a review since, it begged the question "why didn't they run" which is something I thought about throughout it. I also re-read a small portion before sending it on and hadn't really appreciated that "completion" didn't necessarily mean "death" which unsettled me even more. I don't know if that is because of my medical background or not. The ethical issues raised could probably fill a whole forum.

The prose is very simple - but I think it works partcularly when they are children.

So which camp did you fall into?

shoshe · 16/01/2008 10:34

I got it, I got it

Will read over the weekend

Vacua · 16/01/2008 12:50

I loved it, thought it was really nicely done and I don't mind gaps in plot (like why don't they leg it), just assumed they were conditioned not to or whatever. When I read the more critical reviews I just turned cartwheels in my own private BOTHERED playground. People get so snooty about books, am happy to just enjoy whatever I enjoy.

OP posts:
leoleo · 22/01/2008 23:53

Finsished! I loved this book. I keep telling people about it now. The way you say is to read it without knowing what is going on. I kept finding myself telling people (who I know wouldn't read it) what had happened so far and asking them what they think is happening. I normally do not try to work out what is going on in books or films but I really couldn't help it with this one.

I kept wondering from about the 'possibles' bit with the office trip - why don't they run? Maybe there is some sort of tracking device? Or like Vacua said maybe this wasn't a option they would have come up with.

I did find it unsettling when I discovered what was going on and it did make me wonder.. If this was real what would I think if I needed or someone I knew needed them. (I am being vague because I am not sure how much detail to put in case I give the story away)

I want to say something about the ending but I don't know quite what I am thinking..

Thank you for sending me this because I really wouldn't have chose this for myself and I really enjoyed it. Even if I have read it early in our circle.

leoleo · 22/01/2008 23:53

finished!!! sorry for my spelling / typing

EachPeachPearMum · 23/01/2008 00:02

I enjoyed it, but I felt there was something missing IYSWIM. It just didn't feel deep enough. I like a lot of his other books- esp artist of the floating world.

leoleo · 23/01/2008 00:26

That's what I mean I think. It wasn't quite deep enough. Esp at the end. You were told what was going on and then The End. IYSWIM

thegrowlygus · 13/03/2008 15:58

So Eachpeachpearmum - it is worth reading his other books then?

MamaG · 22/04/2008 10:46

Finished! I have to say I loved it. I was gripped from the start which I LOVE when I get into a book (as we all do, I'm sure). I admit that I bored DH with the "ooh this has happened and OMG they're...!"

I missed that when they complete it doesn't mean they die [thick] - what DOES ti mean?

thegrowlygus · 22/04/2008 14:58

Mamag, I didn't realize that the first time I read it either. It was only when I re-read a part that I realized that the rumours were that death didn't come after your final donation.

So I assumed that meant that they were kept alive by articifical means and the rest of their organs were used up bit by bit. The more you think about it the more sinister this book gets I think.

MamaG · 22/04/2008 16:33
leoleo · 24/04/2008 17:31

They don't die!

Heifer · 14/07/2008 14:14

Well I think they did die.. and so does Wikipedia!)

I agree that it could have been deeper, but I was still able to get into the story.

Would never have bought this book myself, so am glad to have had the opportunity to read it.

I found it hard that because the book didn't have a cover there was no book summary that I could read before starting the book. I didn't realise just how much I rely on the summary to understand what is going on in the book!

Good addition to the book club, really enjoyed it.

BecauseImWorthIt · 14/09/2008 16:36

I enjoyed this book. It reminded me a little The Midwich Cuckoos.

But it seemed to just end rather abruptly and I felt a bit 'short changed'. All the build up about things like The Gallery was just dismissed at the end.

Vaguely unsatisfying, a bit like eating candy floss!

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