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Of Mice and Maltesers: Round 6 Chat thread

43 replies

Stickylittlefingers · 05/07/2013 12:12

Back by popular demand.... :)

OP posts:
Itsjustafleshwound · 05/07/2013 12:42

Thank you!

Stupid question, but will we be sending off these books we have received at the beg of August or will we have the summer holidays to read them in?

Stickylittlefingers · 05/07/2013 16:07

well nothing's set in stone, but I had assumed we would just do the first of the month posting as per usual. Is that going to be problematic?

OP posts:
aristocat · 06/07/2013 17:57

Smile Just checking in

Dysgu · 06/07/2013 20:50

Lola thanks the book and chocolate arrived yesterday and I picked it up from the sorting office this morning. I tore open a corner and then let the DDs finish opening it and the first thing they said was, "Let's see what chocolate we've got."

We shared it - well, was sunny so we had to eat it quickly as we were off out for the day and could hardly leave it in the car Grin

LolaLadybird · 07/07/2013 22:45

Thank you for starting new thread Sticky (I hadn't intended to delegate but realise I suggested it and then just wondered off for a bit, wish the power of suggestion worked that well at home Grin).

I am happy to do next posting on 1st August as we don't go away until after that.

Dysgu - glad the choc got enjoyed before it melted, I think posting choc is slightly problematic in this weather!

Dysgu · 07/07/2013 22:47

I am also happy to post for the start of next month - although may be early as we are going away on July 25th (but only to Scotland so will post from there if I haven't finished the book before we go).

Am enjoying it so far LLB and am about 100 pages in.

Itsjustafleshwound · 08/07/2013 07:33

No problem. 1st August it is.

LolaLadybird · 09/07/2013 17:59

Glad its going well so far Dysgu - I've started a thread for it while I've remembered.

aristocat · 09/07/2013 23:26

have done a thread for mine too Smile

Stickylittlefingers · 13/07/2013 11:14

have done a thread for mine, since you're all being so good!

OP posts:
Stickylittlefingers · 30/07/2013 21:28

sent off to itsjusta today (am on holiday so did it while I could!) - don't forget we're nearly at the end of the month.

Hope you're all well x

OP posts:
aristocat · 31/07/2013 11:20

Has anyone had their book returned from the last round? Mine hasn't turned up yet Sad

aristocat · 31/07/2013 11:25

Itsjust book and chocolate arrived today, thank you

LolaLadybird · 02/08/2013 10:34

Dysgu - posted to you yesterday so hopefully with you by the weekend.

Aristo -I haven't had my book back from last round.

Stickylittlefingers · 02/08/2013 19:22

am chasing the books, don't worry

OP posts:
Dysgu · 06/08/2013 19:09

Sorry I have not posted the book to you yet SLF - we are on holiday in the middle of nowhere in Scotland; the kind of place you drive through the middle of nowhere and pass by the back of beyond and then you will find us up a mountain with deer grazing in the garden. It is lovely but we have struggled to find a post office... the 'local' one closed down last year.

However, we did manage to drive to Perth today to buy an envelope as that was something not stocked by the local shop and tomorrow we are leaving and heading back to civilization although it will take us until Saturday to actually make it home to the other end of the country!

I will post asap (we are staying in 'your' local travelodge tomorrow night so you might find that I resort to getting DP to push it through your letterbox!).

LLB looking forward to getting home to find out what the next book is; I will probably have to go to the sorting office to get it unless our house swappers were home when it was delivered...

Must post in the discussion thread...

Stickylittlefingers · 08/08/2013 14:10

Dysgu will pm you....

OP posts:
aristocat · 20/08/2013 20:43

arti I have posted Septembers book today ..... I have finished reading so you can have the extra few days to enjoy it Smile

WannabeFayeMouse · 02/09/2013 12:16

hello! 1st of the month yesterday, are the books flying around the country?

Hope you've got yours by now itsjusta, like aristo I finished early! I unexpectedly really enjoyed it, it was a great example of how this book swap takes me out of my comfort zone and all to the good :)

WannabeFayeMouse · 02/09/2013 12:17

oh yes I changed my name for a bit, it's still SLF!!

Itsjustafleshwound · 02/09/2013 21:17

Received the book and choc - thanks!

I posted to Aristo today.

aristocat · 03/09/2013 21:00

Book (and choc) received thank you Smile Both DCs back at school now so hopefully some reading time coming my way!

WannabeFayeMouse · 04/09/2013 16:03

hoorah, mine too aristo I have most of the day swimming in celebration! Tomorrow must get back to it :)

LolaLadybird · 04/09/2013 23:31

Dysgu - I posted to you on Monday so hopefully you have it by now.

Not received anything yet but having a blonde moment and can't remember who posts to me now!

LolaLadybird · 04/09/2013 23:35

Also, would either Dysgu or SLF please be good enough to tell me whose book I've just posted on. I forgot to make a note before I sent it so don't know which thread to post on (if I had a brain, I'd be dangerous)

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