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New book club July - 5 new members needed

10 replies

coni336 · 06/07/2011 12:42

We are looking for 5 people to join our new club - we are all beginners but hoping to get it started soon. These are the existing mebers:

Grandma W

OP posts:
LawrieMarlow · 06/07/2011 12:45

Could I join please?

Funtimewincies · 06/07/2011 19:50

I'd like to join please, although I'm not entirely sure how it all works Blush.

ScarletOHaHa · 06/07/2011 19:57

Me too please.

Not sure how it works either.
Is this a book swap or a reading group?

Paquitalaflor · 08/07/2011 15:06

Hello, I would love to join as well. Could I be the fourth new member?! Is it a book swap or reading group - either way I am interested though!

PastyMuncher · 08/07/2011 20:42

I would love to join please

Shellshocked1 · 13/07/2011 15:28

Damn, think I just missed it :( If anyone drops out, please can I join?

coni336 · 14/07/2011 15:02

Ok, sorry I haven't been very active, im 35 weeks preg and feeling exhausted! So all 12 members suggest a book each and if somebody has read it already then say and they will have to suggest another one. Shellshocked I'm not sure if somebody has dropped out, I will check on the original post and get everybody to confirm.
Once we have all the books confirmed you will have to pm me your address and I will make a spreadsheet of everybody's address, choice of book and when we can start posting them. If I go into labour any time soon, would anybody else be able to step up and take lead? I have never done this before but ive read other people's posts and I think this is how you do it, if it isnt and somebody has done it before or has any suggestions then please let me know! :)

OP posts:
Funtimewincies · 14/07/2011 16:44

That sounds pretty straightforward, thanks coni. I'm happy to be backup if needed.

coni336 · 14/07/2011 19:44

great Funtime, so members as i know it:

Grandma W

And shellshocked, i'll be in touch if somebody doesnt confirm.

OP posts:
GrandmaW · 25/08/2011 13:31

Just realised I should have replied to this - sorry. Has the club started? If I am still 'in' should I post a choice of book on this thread?

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