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Partial Molar Pregnancy

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MummyAbroad · 08/07/2010 03:01

Has anyone else suffered from a partial or complete molar pregnancy? What can I expect?

I had a medically managed m/c in March which become very long and drawn out, I thought I had finally recovered OK and was waiting for the ok to start ttc, but instead of getting the all clear, a scan showed massive regrowth of placental cells in the uterus. I got diagnosed with partial molar pregnancy and sent for xrays and ultrasounds of vital organs. One of my lungs has a 9mm nodule, so I have been told i will need chemotherapy but I am not sure how much yet.

I am having an ERPC tomorrow morning and then going to see an oncologist.

I have read every websites I can find dedicated to the subject, just wondered if someone who has been through it can give me some advice?


OP posts:
PrettyVacant1 · 11/07/2010 19:37

Hi MummyAbroad
I didn't want your post to go unanswered but I'm sorry I haven't actually got much advice for you.

It was discovered (after a while) that my last MC in Jan was a partial molar.
I was lucky enough that my levels dropped quite quickly and even though I'm still peeing in tubes and posting them off to Sheffield weekly I got the all clear a month or so ago.

I'm sorry to hear this is more complicated for you and I hope you are recovering well after the ERPC and I really hope the treatment is quick and effective.

A luvverly supportive MNetter posted This when I asked around for any experiences a while ago.
I hope it can help or answer any questions.

It's easy to say but keep positive and focus on looking towards TTC again soon.

Let me know how you get on and good luck x

exexpat · 12/07/2010 12:53

Sorry to hear you're going this - from your username, are you not in the UK? I went through dealing with a complete molar pregnancy while living overseas, nearly ten years ago, so relied a lot on the internet for information.

I had two ERPCs which seemed to work then had regrowth a few weeks later, massive haemorrhaging, and in the darkest days when the doctors were talking about chemo and possible hysterectomy (it seemed to have invaded the uterine wall) I did a lot of reading up about the chemo option, as well as asking the doctors about it.

Everything I heard seemed to say that the chemo is highly effective, and not as debilitating as chemo for other kinds of cancer - the main one I think is methotrexate, which is relatively mild, and doesn't affect future fertility. In the end in my case they tried one more ERPC and that one did the trick, so I didn't need chemo.

I hope it went OK for you on Friday and the oncologist was reassuring. You'll have read this elsewhere too, but nearly everyone who has a molar goes on to have another successful pregnancy - I waited a year for the all-clear to TTC, but got pregnant the next month, and DD is now 7 .

MummyAbroad · 12/07/2010 14:23

Thanks for your replies,

Its a very scary time at the moment and all help is appreciated.

Yes, I am in Costa Rica. However, I recently discovered that in the UK there is a 24 advice service for people who live overseas and on request you can get your clinical notes overviewed by UK molar specialists. I have also discovered lots of info and support at So, at least I am getting good medical advice now.

I've had the ERPC, and am waiting for some more results, I'm half ready to get on a plane depending on what they say.

Thanks for sharing your stories,


OP posts:
MummyAbroad · 17/07/2010 03:09

The results of the tissue from the ERPC show that I DONT have molar. I'm very relieved but also confused as I havent been given any answers at all to help figure out what happened.

Can the placenta regrow even if it is not molar? I had one scan in June showing a "tiny" amount of tissue, then in July the scan showed so much the doctor rushed me in for an ERPC the next day and later told me there was "huge" amounts of tissue.

Waiting now for tests to see what is going on with the lump on my lung.

OP posts:
exexpat · 19/07/2010 00:08

Well, good news that it's not molar, but not good for you being stuck in limbo not knowing what it is yet. Hope you get answers soon.

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