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Bleeding a little bit every day....

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ilovespinach · 24/06/2010 08:39

Roughly 5 weeks pregnant and I am bleeing just a little every day...ranges from brown streaked mucus (sorry TMI), a little pink mucus or red straked mucus. Not enough to come out but noticable on toilet paper.....

Would it be helpful to do another pregnancy test to determine if I am still pregnant?

I have a viability scan at the end of next week and the wait is killing me

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sotough · 24/06/2010 08:41

hi there, poor you, it's horrible. a pregnancy test wouldn't really tell you anything as it will most likely come up positive even if the pregnancy has failed, because there will still be pregnancy hormones around. the waiting is really awful, i know. all you can do is somehow keep going. most likely you will know yourself before the end of next week which way things are going.

mattsmama · 24/06/2010 09:18


Hi there - I have just replied on another thread about thyroxine - didn't see this post. What has your GP's advice been or do you have a midwife who can reassure/advise you. Would it be worth calling the hospital and asking if they can bring the scan forward? I know exactly what you are going through with the waiting - it is truly awful. The bleeding your having doesn't sound too bad at the moment. I know people who have had very heavy bleeding and their pregnancies have turned out fine - so try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know). Are you having cramping as well?

If the bleeding gets very heavy and is with cramps - make sure you get medical advice.

Thinking of you at what I know is a horrible and stressful time. Unfortunately it's usually a case of wait and see - but I would try and get your scan brought forward for your own piece of mind. xx

ilovespinach · 24/06/2010 10:33

Thanks for your very kind reply mattsmama....

I have just been to the GP about the tThyroxine and they didn't seem very cconcerned. I have to have blood taken before they will think about revising the dose but this will only be done next week

I think I am just having the normal pregnancy cramps. Nothing painful and no clots but TBH I don't really feel pregnant either. It's the waiting that's horrible...maybe I will ring the gyne and talk about putting the scan forward.

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