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ERPC problems

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Velvetcu · 17/06/2010 15:20

Hi all

I had my ERPC 2 weeks ago and I know that I had lost a lot of blood but thought that was all.

Now I have received a copy of the letter sent to my doctor and was wondering if anyone else had not so smooth ERPCs and has positive pregnancy stories afterwards!

It says in the letter I suffered 2 lacerations to my cervix because they couldn't dilate it very far - I am worried that this may affect a future pregnancy even though the consultant says in the letter that they are insignificant in his opnion.

I have called the hospital but got fed up with being passed around so hung up.

It's just something else to worry about!

OP posts:
fliesby · 17/06/2010 22:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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