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does anyone know when I should get a Negative?

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youremindmeofthebabe · 11/06/2010 14:33

Hi all, I had an erpc on 1st June, and just wondered when i would usually get a negative test result. My tests are those type that measure 10 hcg upwards, I think? Am still getting a positive now.

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hairytriangle · 11/06/2010 16:14

Just want to give you a hug as I am in the same boat. all bodies are different. If everything has come away, I'm told it should be within three weeks ish.

a week after my methotrexate injection ( to get rid of retained product because natural mc didn't work and they didn't know where it was in my body) mine had started to fall. They think on Monday it should be back below 20.

youremindmeofthebabe · 11/06/2010 18:05

Thank you. ((hugs)) Am willing the time away..

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hairytriangle · 11/06/2010 20:59

I really feel for you because I know how horrible it is waiting .. and waiting...

Take care x

Forgot to say, if you are concerned, then ask for your BetaHCG to be monitored by blood test.

This will give you a better idea of the levels and thus the time it might take.

PosyPetrovaPauline · 11/06/2010 23:10

took me two weeks but i did ovulate as normal that month which seemed odd!

Loopymumsy · 12/06/2010 15:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

youremindmeofthebabe · 12/06/2010 16:24

Has it been that long loopy? Blimey. Thanks for the info all.

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