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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Help needed with what to do from here - and sometimes I think us ladies know more than some of the consultants!

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Loubilou09 · 07/06/2010 09:42

Hello, this might be long but wondered if anyone could help me with my history and give any advice with where I go from here. I do have a consultant and will probably see her again soon so wanted to know what to ask her.

Miscarriage 1 - ten years ago MMC sac showing only a six week pregnancy but didn't miscarry until 12 weeks.

Daughter - perfect no problems whatsoever.

Miscarriage 2 and 3 - early losses, literally positive pregnancy test then a few days later AF/Bleeding. In fact I think one was a positive test then one day later started bleeding would never have known about this one but something made me test.

Miscarriage 4 - Suchorionic Haemotoma found early, low lying placenta. Clot was in really awkward place and got bigger and bigger as pregnancy progressed. My son was fine and growing normally but eventually I lost him as clot made my waters break at 23 weeks and clot caused my placenta to fail.

Consultant said really bad luck on that one and to be honest everything I had read about SH is just that - no cause, quite common etc. However she did then test me for all the thrombophilias and found nothing conclusive but decided that if I did get pregnant again I should take aspirin.

Miscarriage 5 - I am now 40 so maybe age is now playing a part? Got pregnant after 2 years of trying, scanned at 8.4 weeks and heartbeat found, no clots detected. Last week at 12 weeks had another miscarriage and in my heart of hearts I think I knew at about 10 weeks that things had gone wrong as I really lost all pregnancy symptoms and had a nervous feeling about it.

So here I am furiously looking at hundreds of threads and I cannot link one thing up to another and really not sure what to ask and where to go. I have thought about too low progesterone but this seems to affect pregnancies earlier or seems to affect conception? I have thought about folic acid as was told by consultant that it was extremely important to take and did start at 4 weeks - was that early enough? I have thought about the thrombophilias but had taken aspirin - was this enough and should I have tried something else? Most of the things I research seem to show a pattern and my miscarriages don't really have a pattern so am stumped.

The only thing I will say is that I knew I was pregnant with a boy the fourth time and I had very very similar symptoms this time - both the 4th and 5th made me really really sick which I didn't get with my daughter, I also looked really pregnant at 10 weeks and was all up front very early on with this latest pregnancy and I had a feeling it was a boy - nothing conclusive but I am beginning to think it is something to do with boys?

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading this far....

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dizzydixies · 07/06/2010 10:24

Loubilou - am so sorry for all you have been through, how heartbreaking for you. I'm certainly no expert but didn't want to see you go unanswered. I had a MMC at 15wks, a MC at approx 8wks and a few weeks ago another MC at 15wks although this one was a spontaneous evac This one was definately a wee boy and I had a feeling the first MMC was a boy too

inbetween I have had 3 healthy girls and when I was pregnant I knew they were girls. although there were some pregnancy problems I managed to carry them to full term and they are all fine.

I too believed it was something to do with not being able to have boys and although there are some suggestions that this might be true from what I've read online there is nothing conclusive.

I hope you find an answer soon

Julezboo · 07/06/2010 10:30

I am sorry for your losses. I have had 7mc's myself so know what you are going through.

Has the consultant checked your uterus for abnormalities? Done any other recurrent mc testing?

I only ask because I had 4 mc's inbetween my two boys being born and was diagnosed with a clotting disorder, a mild one. But after DS2 was born I have had another 2 mc's so the hospital have re done the tests. They found out a few weeks ago that I have a partial split uterus, so the embryo's which implant on the split dont survive because there isnt enough blood flow.

I do have a list of things they tested me for if you would like it let me know.

LunaticFringe · 07/06/2010 10:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ladylush · 07/06/2010 10:52

So sorry to hear of your history Loubylou (and Lunatic as well) Has your thyroid been checked? I had 4 m/c, had karoytyping and thrombophilia screening and uterine examinations. The former two were normal, the latter showed a slight anomaly but not thought to be linked to m/c. Eventually I asked for my thyroid to be checked and it turned out it was underactive. I did go on to have my 4th m/c after starting treatment but then had my dd at 38 yrs of age.

Loubilou09 · 07/06/2010 13:17

Thank you all for your replies and my heartfelt sympathies for all your losses, some very tragic stories between us sorry that my asking has prompted you to relive some of your experiences but it is much appreciated.

The uterus thing is interesting and has prompted a thought process...since having my daughter by cesarean I have had a lot of problems with scar tissue making sex painful and meaning a cervical smear is a major issue for me. I had it looked at a few years ago but gynae told me if it was removed it potentially would grow back and if I could continue with sex etc it would improve. It has definately improved mainly since giving birth to my son. Nobody ever said it would cause pregnancy issues... however with my son my placenta was sitting down low and to the right and clot was caused by placenta not attaching properly, it was like a scab that kept getting irritated and not healing properly and thought to be a one off but this time I kept getting niggly pains through the right down again and even asked the Sonographer at the 8.5 week scan where my placenta was - she didn't really answer or appear to know. A few weeks ago and I think this does correspond to when the pregnancy failed I was finding it difficult to lie comfortably as was getting pains down low through the right hand side for a couple of nights but they felt ligamenty then one morning I was lying down and coughed and got a huge pain right at the bottom of my uterus, I was worried about it but it went after a few minutes and I told myself it was just ligament pains - I wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye? I am not going to wait to see consultant on the NHS I think I am going to go see her privately and see what she says...

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LunaticFringe · 07/06/2010 13:29

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Loubilou09 · 07/06/2010 13:31

I am near Guildford in Surrey. My consultant is with the NHS but she also runs a private clinic so I can go and see her much quicker if I book a private consultation. I don't know about the placenta being there at 8.5 weeks - off to google!

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LunaticFringe · 07/06/2010 13:58

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