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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Can you please help make sense ?

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Summerfruit · 04/06/2010 16:44

One of the lady I'm working for found out the baby had no heartbeat at the first scan. She told me how she was treated while waiting for her d&v. She was not allowed to have her husband with her, she was on her own. She has been made waiting for her surgery hours. At some point the miscarriage started and she lost everything in the hospital toilet. She had to beg for some care. She signed a paper saying that the surgery made on her wouldnt garantee everything taking out of her uterus. Is this normal ???? Then after this, she didnt have any following care. No scan nothing. Is this normal ??

Then a month later, her period came back or she tought it was her period, she has lost blood for 20 days. She then went to her gp who did some blood check and then sent her for a scan.

She has some placenta left inside her uterus, she needs another intervention, more complicated one. If it is succesful she'll be able to have more children but it may be difficult, if it is not succesful, she may be not able to have more children.

I'm so upset on her behalf, how can this happen in 2010 ??? Where was the care for her ????

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LunaticFringe · 04/06/2010 20:10

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Message withdrawn

mumatron · 04/06/2010 20:43

as lunatic said, the consent sounds pretty standard for erpc/d&c. they cannot guarantee to get everything out at the first attempt.

unfortunatley the rest of her care doesn't sound a million miles away from what i and others have experienced.

unfortunatley, to hospital staff mc is an everyday thing. they dont see the pain that we go through. physically and mentally.

i hope your friend gets good support and her surgery goes okay.

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