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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

threatened mc

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busymum05 · 23/05/2010 19:43

Hi all,
Im 8week pg today but have started bleeding, ive been to the hospital where the doc performed an internal examination, he said that my cervix was closed and that was a good sign.
im still bleeding and just wanted to know if anyon else has had the same symptoms?? my partner and i are worried sick!!!

OP posts:
Lcy · 23/05/2010 19:45

Sorry to hear that you are bleeding. I know how scary it is. Have you had a scan?

kissmummy · 23/05/2010 21:40

hi there, you can have quite a lot of bleeding and the pregnancy can still be fine! it happened to one of my best friends. i would book a scan sometime this week. you should be able to get one at the early pregnancy assessment unit at your local hospital but phone in advance because some units ask for a GP referral. at eight weeks there should be a heartbeat. hope all is ok.

busymum05 · 23/05/2010 21:41

hi scan booked for tomorrow but im sure ive had a mc
i have passed big clots
im devestated

OP posts:
Goodluckbear · 24/05/2010 13:19

So sorry you are going through this busymum

Have you had your scan yet? Am thinking of you xxx

busymum05 · 24/05/2010 14:15

hi goodluckbear,
sadly i have mc, scan showed empty womb.
Thankyou for your kind thoughts. x

OP posts:
Lcy · 24/05/2010 20:51

So sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. I miscarried our first baby and was devestated. Look after yourself x

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