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A little hope for u all (maybe)

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franfoxy2003 · 23/05/2010 08:34

Hi everyone been Reading alot and have come across lotsa posts about people having mc's and worrying they might not carry to term again! Here is my story:

march 2006 I had a ds at 36+5 5lb 11oz

April 2007 found out I was pregnant was at 11+5 no medical management needed was horrible an devastating.

November 2007 found out I was pregnant again, was a little worried about what might happen. Mc at 6 weeks wasn't as upset that time. Stopped trying for a while thought it was best.

June 2008 started TTC again. January 2009 found out I was pregnant again! Was terrified! 12 week scan ok 20 week scan ok 6th September 2009 a beautiful dd born at 39+3 and she is perfect!

There is hope after mc's even if I got pregnant again I would be terrified still I was up until she was born and during labour her heartbeat kept dipping but she fought on! Don't give keep trying and u will get there!!!

Hope this gives you hope and the determination to carry on

OP posts:
Julezboo · 23/05/2010 09:07

I can add my story too.

My first mc was late on, not sure how late but doctors back then thought i was around 15 weeks.

I then had DS1 at 30 weeks weighing just 2lb. Had a rough time here so wont go into it, but he is fine and 8yo now!

When DS2 was 2 yo i had an early mc around 5 weeks.

I then met my now DH. The month after he moved in we found out i was pregnant, sadly i mc on his birhtday in dec, i fell pg right away and mc again at the end of jan, my next mc was march.

After this i underwent investigations but because i feel pregnant they just told me to take aspirin and fragmin injections (heparin) and DS2 was born after a rough time from 30 weeks onwards when my waters started leaking.

He was our second miracle he is 3 yo now and i have since had two mc's and undergoing thorough investigations of which i get the results next week.

I was determined to get there with DS2 and we did!

kissmummy · 23/05/2010 12:12

hi, it's good to read these encouraging stories. i've had four m/cs in a row. it's so hard to keep hoping. yet i do somehow believe in my heart that i will have another baby one day, if i can just find the strength to keep going. sometimes i can't actually believe it's happening to me - i look at my body and think, it can do all sorts of fab things - it produced my son without any problems, it's climbed the Himalayas, it's run half marathons - it can do all that kind of stuff, and yet it doesn't seem to be able to produce another baby. it's just so weird.

hairytriangle · 25/05/2010 22:44

thank you franfoxy I've just had (and am still having a few issues physically with) my first miscarriage, and your story has cheered me up. x

MummyMcKT · 25/05/2010 23:21

Have been hanging around these threads for the last few weeks A lot of you who're here at the moment and sharing a similar experience will know that we found out at our private scan a few weeks ago that I'd MMC twins. I had a natural miscarriage exactly at 12 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and it's been a rollercoaster (but not an enjoyable one). Am hoping for the all clear on Friday.

Anyway the point of this post is today's my 36th birthday - I was my Mum's second pregnancy. She also carried twins during her first - miscarried one and then lost her son an hour after he was born. I gave my Mum a card today to try and thank her for all the love and support that both she and my Dad have given to me and my DP throughout this horrible time. I am very lucky to be their daughter. I will find the strength for DP and I to think of a positive future and I hope that the rest of you do in your own time too - if my Mum hadn't done that 36yrs ago you wouldn't be reading this now

hairytriangle · 26/05/2010 15:04

MummyMcKT ah, what a sweet, lovely post.

Sorry you have had such a rollercoaster, I'm on one at the moment, but hopefully getting to the 'slowing down and pulling things together' stage!

MummyMcKT · 26/05/2010 18:59

HairyT I've been reading about your journey on various threads (I seem to veer between miscarriage/ante natal/conception and bereavement). I really hope things calm down for you soon - you've had a real time of it - try and keep strong. I look forward to hearing that things are going well for you in the future

hairytriangle · 27/05/2010 13:33

Aw thanks sweetie!!! X

hairytriangle · 27/05/2010 14:46

Aw thanks sweetie!!! X

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