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ERPC q's - anasthetic type, nhs or private, physical recovery time

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pilsbury1 · 07/05/2010 11:24

I just found out ydy I need to have an ERPC (had elected to wait naturally but after 2 weeks the pregnancy sac is still there so have been advised to have an ERPC). I have some questions though which I'd love to hear back on

  1. Local or general - which anaesthetic do pple think is better? I've said I'll do local as the thought of general scares me somewhat (have never really been in hospital before)..
  2. Private or NHS - I am lucky in that the ERPC is covered through my Axa care that I pay for through work. But ringing up my local private clinic (which happens to be in the same hospital as my regular NHS one), they said there's not really any difference between the two. Any opinions? I live in SE London and so am looking at the Guthrie ward which is part of Kings
  3. Recovery time. Everyone is unqiue I know, but in terms of physical recovery, how much tme did pple have out of the office post-procedure? 1, 2 days or more? Emotional recovery I'm still working on as have come to realise this will take a lot, lot longer.

    Thanks ladies!
OP posts:
threelittlepebbles · 07/05/2010 11:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MummyWilliams · 07/05/2010 12:01

I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

I had an ERPC under general. Even if offered local (which I really can't see how they can) I definately would not have taken it.

You will only be put to sleep for around 10-15 mins. When you are woken up, you just feel sleepy. You'll be monitored in recovery. Then moved back to your room/ward, to sleep it off. But when you are woken in recovery, you don't really need any more sleep. Once awake you'll have tea/coffee & toast. When they are happy and that your bleeding isn't too bad, they will send you on your way.

Physically the next day you will just be a little tired. Depending how far along you were, you might have some very mild contractions where the uterus is contracting back. This really is not painful, just like period pains.

Emotionally - it is a long journey Use Mumsnet for emotional support.


Trafficcone · 07/05/2010 12:04

I'd never have had one under local and thank God I wasn't offered it as I'd have hit the roof.
I had a general in an NHS hospital, was treated amazingly by the nursing staff and was signed off work for 2 weeks as a matter of course by the nurse.
Physically I was back up and doing housework etc after 48 hours. Mentally I was still having flashbacks and totally agoraphobic a month later.

nomorewine · 07/05/2010 12:58

I had an ERPC under general last month. Like others I was not offered a local, but I would not have considered it if I had been. Can imagine it being a pretty awful thing to be awake through.

You are not out for long as the op only takes around 10 mins & you know nothing about it until you are woken in recovery. You feel fine in yourself when you come round, and like MW said, you will probably not need more sleep. I was actually texting people as soon as I was wheeled back to the ward!

Physical recovery isn't too bad. You have some period type cramps & a bit of bleeding, but nothing too bad, but emotional recovery, as others have said, is another story.

pilsbury1 · 07/05/2010 13:22

I really appreciate your honesty and kind thoughts

Since I posted I have managed to speak to someone more helpful at the private ward who has also advised general and has tentatively booked me in for the procedure on Monday (just waiting for the consultant to confirm his availability). Just hoping my body doesn't launch into action over the weekend nd miscarry naturally as I now am pyschologically getting myself ready for the op!

It's only today that I'm very aware that emotional healing will take longer. I think I was in denial I was going through a miscarriage until today when I've had to start planning the ERPC and it's hit me properly. Can't say exactly how I feel, everything is just a bit all over the place right now and can't quite think straight.

I have told my work I will be off Monday, Tuesday and that it's for an operation, but I don't really want to tell them what it is as a) I don't like speaking about personal things to my boss and b) I don't want pple to know that I'm trying for a baby as I'm also trying to get a promotion. (but yes I know all this stuff is way more important than work and promotions!)

Thanks again for the advise, it is really helpful to speak to pple who have gone through this already - I've only spoken to my two best friends about this who are both some way from thinking about childbirth themselves!


OP posts:
nomorewine · 07/05/2010 13:57

Forgot to mention the work bit, but I was off for Easter straight after the op so had 2 weeks off work anyway. I had the op on the Thursday afternoon & travelled by car to the French Alps on the Saturday (a 9 hour drive!), so would say you would be fine for work after a couple of days.

I can empathise with that all over the place head feeling. I remember being a bit numb & shocked on the day that my scan revealed the bad news, but the next day, as we drove to the hospital for all the pre op stuff, I just lost the plot, cried & cried, and all day my head felt all muddled up, that is the only way I could describe it.

Good luck for Monday. Take care of yourself. x

mermaidspurse · 09/05/2010 10:01

I had an erpc on Thursday and despite being absolutly terrified it really was as ok as it could have been. The general is a fairly light one as the op is only short so there wasn't any sickness coming round. I went in at 8.30 and was home by 2pm. Wozzy and a bit confused but not really too much pain, managed with paracetamol easily.

I have cocooned myself since though and haven't done much except rest. Emotionally I am a bit blank but it is early days, just waiting for the hormone crash. I have tried medical management and mc naturally previously and am glad I went for the erpc this time, it's a step closer to healing.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

pilsbury1 · 09/05/2010 22:50

Ah mmpurse poor you. I sincerely hope you're feeling a little better now and not feeling too worried about the start of a new week. I appreciate you taking the time to write me a response when you're feeling so pants yourself...

Am in tmrw at midday. Have kept myself very busy all weekend, so atm am feeling ok about it, but doubt I'll be getting much sleep later on!

Am very lucky to have a lovely hubbie to come with me and hold my hand!

Night all x

OP posts:
pilsbury1 · 11/05/2010 18:28

Just to give you ladies an update on this and to hopefully help any pple who might be reading this in the future.... Had the ERPC yesterday and it was actually pretty fine. I had a general anasthetic and was out for about an hour or 90 mins I guess, but apparently the procedure only took about 10 mins and the doctor was confident he'd got everything out and hadn't caused any damage. Left the hospital about 2 hours after coming to from the anashetic, feeling a little groggy and small period pain and heavyish bleeding - and incrdibly hungry and thirsty after being nil by mouth all morning!

Today am feeling fine. Spent all AM in bed reading and watching iplayer then have spent this afternoon cleaning and pottering about the house. Am planning to work from home tmrw in case I need to rest at some point, then back in the office for Thurs and Fri. Bleeding is very slight and no real pain to speak of, which I guess is a sign its healing?

Emotionally am just feeling a bit numb really. I've known that the pregnancy miscarried for about three weeks now so I guess I'd got round to the idea, though of course I'm still feeling terribly sad about it. Husband is being a bit of a legend as are my two best friends sending me lots of supportive texts and emails and meeting me at the weekend.

Hope this thread helps someone in the future who has concerns about ERPC - emotionally everyone will deal with this differently and of course its completely horrible and scary - but you needn't be scared about the procedure itself as it's really fine.

OP posts:
mermaidspurse · 12/05/2010 07:53

pilsbury I am glad to hear that it went as well as it possibly could. Just remember to rest lots between the pottering. I agree the build up is far worse than the actual procedure.
Heaps of luck for the future.

mac03 · 25/11/2012 22:01

Hi all. It has been interesting reading your comments.
I had this procedure on thursday. Had no pain and little bleeding on thurs, fri and some of sat and thought i might return to work monday. I was also very constipated during this time. Pain and bleeding increased slightly on sat eve.
Today - Sunday things got worse. The cramps became more painful and I am shocked and emotional at the clotting now happening.
I will not be returning to work tomorrow but will b checking with gynae.
Keep u posted.
Thanks again everyone

MrsJohnDeere · 25/11/2012 22:35

So sorry you are going through this Mac03. I had one 5 weeks ago. I too felt much worse on day 3. I think it is something to do with that being when the GA is finally is out of your system. Be very gentle with yourself and don't try to do too much too soon. After about 2 weeks I felt much better physically (the emotional side is a whole other matter) and did lots, then had some clots and pains again.

mac03 · 26/11/2012 14:26

Thanks for your kind worsd mrs.jd. I hope all is well with you now.
I had terrible pain discomfort and large clots and no energy so went to docs this morning. It turns out that 2 in 100 of which I am 1 gets an infection in the lining of the uterus. So my symptoms are uncommon. If you develop pain & clots 48hrs after erpc then get it checked out.
I am on antibiotics and rest for 7days.
Thanks everyone

MrsJohnDeere · 26/11/2012 15:44

I was one of the 2/100 too and got prescribed Augmentin. It really did the trick and I felt much better after taking it for about 3 days. Hope you feel better soon, physically anyway. You really do need to take things easy.

I feel fine now, thank you, but had my follow-up appointment yesterday. The analysis of the tissue etc removed revealed some worrying things, but that's a thread for a whole other day. Never rains but it pours.....

mac03 · 27/11/2012 14:12

I am sorry to hear that your difficulties continue. I truely hope that with the knowledge comes some advice and support which will enable you to continue your journey.
I feel a bit better today. Maybe the antibiotics are working. Still taking it easy for the time being.
Look after yourself mrsjd x

MrsJohnDeere · 27/11/2012 14:39

Glad you're feeling a little bit better today. I bet that by tomorrow you'll feel much better again as the ABs take effect.

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