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Miscarriage and positive pregnancy tests?

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Nancy10 · 06/05/2010 14:32

I miscarried last Thursday, Today is my first day of no bleeding. I did a test today and it was positive still. How long will it take to get a negative? I just presumed once the bleeding had stopped the hormones would have gone too!

OP posts:
Iggiepitomisesvacuity · 06/05/2010 14:41

Sorry for what happened Nancy. I don't think the bleeding and the HCG level are as directly linked as that, though someone else might know better. I think one week might just be too short a time for your body to be back to normal, pre-pregnancy levels yet. I don't think I would worry about this. Obviously if you kept getting positive results you would need to see doctor, but wait and see what more knowledgeable posters say about how long it takes.

AchillesTortoise · 06/05/2010 14:43

Oh you poor thing, it's horrible isn't it?

I had a missed miscarriage and ERPC and had to wait 9 weeks for a period. I didn't check with a pregnancy test before then though as I couldn't face it.

I think it might be wise for you to phone your GP - see if one will call you back and speak to you. GPs will usually do this I think. They can give you an idea of time scale then hopefully keep an eye on you if hormone levels are not dropping in a normal way. I think a week is probably not very long though.

I'm now in a similar boat following an ectopic pregnancy. I just want hormone levels to drop and get back to 'normal' but I know I have to try and be patient. The hospital said to check with a pregnancy test in 3 wks.

Sorry, I'm rambling because I'm still a bit spaced out with it all, but I wanted to offer sympathies.

mumatron · 06/05/2010 15:29

nancy i had to go back to the epu when i still had a + 2 weeks after the bleeding stopped. i had a scan that showed retained products.

i would try not to test again for a while if i was you. give it a week or two then try again.

hope you get that negative soon.

Nancy10 · 06/05/2010 16:57

Thanks for your replies. I think I've tested too soon so I'll leave it a couple of weeks and then go from there. It's so cruel to have to go through it and have your body still thinking you're pregnant afterwards. I did have a scan to say it was a complete miscarriage and everything appeared 'normal.' So hopefully I just haven't given it enough time. I really hope everything that should have come out has done.

OP posts:
mashedpotatobrain · 06/05/2010 21:45

After my last 2 mc was told to test 2 weeks after (ie 1 week after the bleeding had stopped). If poss I was to have a scan to check no retained products. As it happened when I tested all was neg. This time I mc last fri/sat have stopped bleeding but will test next weekend. Hope you're ok it really is a horrible thing to go through. Take care of yourself.

dorcas111 · 07/05/2010 07:37

Hi Nancy10, sorry about your miscarriage. I tested whilst I was still bleeding, I was so desperate to know that it was over and that my body was back to normal.Of course it was positive which made me feel worse. Two weeks after my m/c (almost three weeks if I count from when I first started bleeding) I was till getting a very faint but positive line. The EPU said to give it another week which I did and it was negative. I think it is normal for you to still be getting positive results- normal but horrible, seeing a positive result and desperately wanting it to be true but knowing that you aren't pregnant. Try and leave it for a little while, if you've had a scan that shows it was complete then it sounds like it is your body taking a little while to register what has happened. Hope that helps. Look after yourself x x

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