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Hope after MC

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ticktockali · 28/04/2010 12:34

Hi, I had my 3rd MC in February this year and was referred to the EPU to begin testing. I was waiting for the first day of my period to start blood tests but low and behold it never came and 2 weeks ago I tested positive and am now pregnant for the 5th time.

Whilst I am not getting my hopes I had my first scan today where I could see my 6wk and 2day old little bean with heart beat. :-> and have appts. to have scans at 8wks, 10wks 12 wks and so on (fingers crossed)

I am posting this thread because like many others I too was in two minds whether to wait to get to 12 weeks or be looked after my the EPU and I'm so glad my DH and I chose the latter.

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rachxx · 28/04/2010 14:49

I am also having scans with the early pregnancy unit, i had one a week ago, and had another one, and its been really reasuring, to see its little heart beat, and im so glad that i am under their care. the only downide is the wait is so long there 1-3 hours to be seen, and I don't really wana tell my work where i am disapperaing to each time, x

KaraThrace · 30/04/2010 16:10

Am so pleased to hear positive news after a mc - I wish you both the best of luck.

ticktockali · 30/04/2010 19:26

Good luck Rachxx when is your next scan? Mine's on the 13th May when all being well I will be nearlly nine weeks. I know what you mean about the long waits and I'm in the same boat about work. Just hopingand praying I get to 12 weeks so I can share the news at work!
Best of luck to you.
Karathrace, thank you for being so thoughful x

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