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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

So frustrated!!

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batteryhen · 22/04/2010 18:07

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can give me a word or two of advice.I had a mmc in February, tried to leave it to happen naturally, but it didn't so I had a medical evac.I am still bleeding now, almost 5 weeks later. Went to the hospital today, had neg pregnancy test but the scan showed retained products. They won't give me a erpc as the products are too small, but have given me progesterone tablets to help stem bleeding as I am off to egypt next week. Has anyone taken progesterone tablets before and what happened? I just want this over so I can get on with my life and start trying again!xxx thank you xx

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hmmSleep · 22/04/2010 20:27

So sorry to hear about your mc batteryhen, I bled for 3 months when I had one last year, so know how awful it feels when things just seem to drag on and on, makes things hard to deal with emotionally when still suffering physically.

I wasn't given progesterone, but have a friend who has been, ( not for mc, she has other medical problems where she pretty much bleeds constantly). So she was given this for a flight to Australia, she said it worked at decreasing the bleeding, but made her feel quite unwell and faint. That could just be her reaction to the drug though.

Really hope you recover soon, and if it gives you hope, I fell pregnant again a month after my bleeding finally stopped. Take care of yourself. xx

batteryhen · 26/04/2010 20:18


Just going to have a little rant. Today is 5 weeks since I had a medical evac for MMC. I am still bleeding, I went to the hospital on Thursday, and the nurse did a pregnancy test which was negative, and she said my hcg levels needed to be below 10 for it to negative. I then had a scan - only to find I still have retained products I had my hcg levels done at my dr tody, and they are 33!! I am so frustrated as everytime I see the dr at the hospital they just do the 'wait and see' line. I burst into tears on thursday as this seems to be never ending. I am off to egypt on Fri with my DP and we wanted to try for a holiday baby . Rubbish day.

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