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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

So confused

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warmhoney10 · 17/04/2010 19:25

Well my last period was around 21st feb ,took a preg test and pos!!Went for early scan on thursday and he measured 5 weeks preg,there was a sac but nothing else,got to go back in 2 week to check but i not hold out much hope.I just confused as i say im 7 weeks but like i said he say 5 so who is right,is he just going off measurments.As if i say im 7 there should of been a heartbeat.

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2ndDestiny · 17/04/2010 19:38

Hi warmhoney

If you really are only 5 weeks, then it is quite normal not to see anything in the sac yet, it's just too early (exactly the same happened to me, and I'm now 16 weeks).

Is there any chance you could have ovulated very late in your cycle? When did you get your BFP exactly?

If it really is a 7 week pregnancy however, as you say there should be a heartbeat. Because they are not sure of dates they will always give the pregnancy the benefit of the doubt which is why they've asked you to come back in 2 weeks. Sorry you are going through this agonising wait. x

warmhoney10 · 17/04/2010 19:46

I got my bfp around the 25th march,and my last lmp was around the 21st feb.I had early scans with my last 2 children and saw hearbeat at 6 weeks so it not look good.But im trying to be positive as i also im very lucky enough to have 3 great children.It just im very impatient and even though when we go back im prepared for the same away its the wait thats a nightmare.Im not one for talking either to my friends im more of a keep it to my self person,lol x

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Jakey87 · 19/04/2010 02:40

hi hun, i was in your position, i was convinced i was 7 weeks but hosp scan said 5 weeks 4 days and no heart beat, i went back a week later and the heart beat was there.
things didnt work out for me with a mmc further on but that dosnt mean to say the same thing will happen to you, i know the wait is agonising but try not to worry too much untill you know for sure.
the girls on here are lovely so if you feel u cant talk in RL then keep coming back on MN for support.
tc x

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