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period's after a early MC?

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babylove2 · 16/04/2010 13:27

Hi , i had a very earLY mc at 4 week's, That was last month and i was due on Wednesday, but nothing!! I'm never late me and DH really want to start trying again asap, but don't know where i am with my AF.

I know after a MC periods tend to be all over the place, but mine was so early i started heaavy bleeding on the actual day i was due on (after 8 BFP) and it lasted aslong as a period, so really if i hadn't tested early i never woukd have known.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

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treacscrum · 16/04/2010 16:34


Any chance you could be pregnant again already??

babylove2 · 16/04/2010 16:40

We havent tried this month, just thought we would wait till forst period came, polus i took a ebay cheapie test this morning to double check and it was Neg.

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treacscrum · 16/04/2010 16:54

Don't forget even though your MC was early, your HCG levels will have been raised so maybe its just your body being a bit slow at coming back down to normal levels. I am sure everything will be fine for you but if you are still worried next week, go and ask your gp for blood hcg levels hope this helps xx

I only say this as I had a medical miscarriage nealry a month ago and my hcg levels today are still 120, and I am still bleeding.So my body is being really slow! Frustrated doesn't quite cover it

babylove2 · 16/04/2010 17:02

Oh no, you poor thing thats awful, mine was so early and even then i was so impatient for things just to be over with so could put it all behind us and try and move on!!!

So frustrated yes you must be .. i really hope things go back to normal for you soon.


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treacscrum · 17/04/2010 14:31

Hi babylove2,

I hope your situation resolves itself too... a bit ironic that you want to start bleeding and I want to stop! Thought I actually had stopped yesterday - 12 hours with nothing but it turns out my body was just playing tricks on me - how nice. I have to do a pregnanacy test on monday and ring the hospital with the result.Let me know how you get on

babylove2 · 17/04/2010 15:52

Good luck i hope it all goes smoothly as it can.

I still have no period!! Took a test and negative so still waiting.

Typical situations.


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