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WHAT NOW? ( mabey TMI )

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Jakey87 · 15/04/2010 01:21

hi, i had medical management of miscarage saterday gone which was total hell, too much blood, ended up being pinned to a bed and having cervix dialated by doctor and had sac removed with a thing that looked like tongs as it was stuck in my womb then doc scraped with somthing that looked a little like a spoon, treatment room looked like there had been a masicar, blood all over doctors face and mask, up the wall and all over bed and floor, was total agony but for my own good as i was later told as i could have hemeraged and needed a blood transfusion, was sent home with codine and antibiotics the next day.
finished intibiotics yesterday but since then i have had very strong cramps, similar to the ones cause by the pessaries i was given at hospital, have a stabbing pain when i bend down or go to the toilet, i feel very warm but cold to the touch, and just generaly dont feel right. i rang my doctor today who said it could just be my body settling down but as bleeding is still quite heavy and i feel so different im starting to worry somthing my be wrong.
i would like to concive again although not any time soon (still too raw) and just somehow feel there is somthing wrong that may cause problems in the future.
i was told that because the doctor had taken the sac out whole they were sure there was nothing left in there and that i would not need a scan to make sure.
could my body just be in shock or could i be developing an infection? can i request a scan to put my mind at reast? so many things going round in my head, crying all the time and cant get to sleep, have been awake almost 2 days solid now? has anyone else experienced any of this?

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daisytaylor · 15/04/2010 06:59

Hi there, my god i am so sorry for what you have lost and been unnessesarily put through. I thought my mmc i had last year was hell but this sounds alot worse. First of all i cannot believe they didn't put you to sleep for that precedure you must of been terrified. I would go back to the hospital probably better to go to a&e and tell them you feel something is not right and that you are still in pain and i would also tell them what that doctor has done to you. I had loads of scans during my mc as i also had alot of heavy bleeding and a sac that wouldn't budge. If you go to hospital they will most likely scan you and check nothing is left behind. Just because the sac came out in one go doesn't mean all is clear. I just can't believe what an awful experience the hospital has put you through and me personally would be enclined to make a formal complaint against this doctor. You know your body and when something seems wrong, if you are not happy then go back. You body will take a while to recover. I had 10 weeks of on and off very heavy bleeding before mine was over and it took 4 months for my cycle to return to normal. I had spotting between my periods and pains. Longer and heavier than normal bleeding too which after seeing a very good GP was found to be deep thrush and an infection. If you need someone to talk to more then you can email at [email protected]. I am online alot throughout the day and evening.I really hope some of this helps you x

dorcas111 · 15/04/2010 08:33

Oh Jakey, I'm so sorry for what you've been through. It's hard enough losing a baby without the additional trauma of what you've been through. I would definitely make a complaint. At the very least you weren't given the emotional and psychological support you should have had and it sounds as if the procedure was handled badly too. I think you should get straight down to A and E and to be honest they should have advised you at the hospital to come straight back if you started to feel unwell. Is there another hospital you could go to so you don't have any chance of ending up at the same department? Don't take no for an answer, you have to know for your own peace of mind that all is ok. Could you take someone with you to back you up and give you some support? And do you have support in RL? You sound very traumatised by what has happened, as I think anyone would be, please look after yourself sweetheart and post on here as much as you need to. I'll be thinking of you x

justmee · 15/04/2010 09:20

Reading your story brings back so many memories for me
i went threw someothing very simular with my 1st mc
i was taken in at 1 in the morning legs were tieds to a sitting up chair arms too..whist i awake the whole time the doctor sraped away with what seems like hours but only took about 20 in all worst 20 mintues of my life!! i was shut in there on my own my partner wasnt allowed in with me after all was done i was sent home,3 Days later i had a burning sensation but just woudnt go back to the doctor due to fear so we changed our doctor although we have to travel 1 hr to get there i am so glad i made the disicion
my doctor now is so helpful he rings me and alway asks if im ok
I can tell you time will heal what you have been through its not nice but do get checked its much better to be safe than sorry it coudl be nothing after mc it takes a while for your body to get back on track ..
hugs being sent xxxxxxxx

2ndDestiny · 15/04/2010 17:29

Hi Jakey

I had medical management of a mc last year and it was pretty grim (I passed out from the blood loss) but not as traumatic as your experience - like the others, I'm shocked at how that Dr treated you!

The Dr was completely WRONG when he told you that he could be sure everything was out just because he had removed the sac. I passed the sac immediately (I saw it) but still had retained placental tissue and a thickened lining, and needed an ERPC (surgery) 3 weeks later to clear it out. Luckily it didn't get infected.

At my hospital they offer follow up scans as a matter of routine after a mc and so should every hospital.

You have pain, cramps, continued bleeding and you sound slightly feverish - it is possible you could have an infection developing and you need to have it investigated (and if there is one, treated) asap.

Hopefully you've already gone to the GP or A&E by now... Sorry for your loss and hope you get better care from now on and make a good recovery.

Jakey87 · 16/04/2010 01:49

hi all thanks for the replies, i rang doctors today but cant get an apointment untill next wed, so i rang hospital and was told these were normal symptoms after such a procedure and it is early days, they said my hormones are probably all over the place and to ask doctor next week about going back on the pill, they also said i was still in shock and if symptoms are not gone in 1 week to go to A&E for a check up where they will scan me to make sure all is ok on the inside.
i feel as though they dont care and making me out to be some kind of frantic head case when realy im petrified that all this could affect my future fertility, if i go to A&E now and nothing is wrong they will think i am over reacting. hosp doctor told me to ask G.P about speaking to a councilor! as some of the symptons could be to do with anxiaty.

today hasnt been as bad though, feverish symptoms gone but still bleeding quite heavy and quite crampy, passed what i think was a clot earlier today which is mainly why i rang hosp, still get bad pain when bending or lifting anything (couldnt even lift a small bag of potatoes today)

i do have support in RL but feel as though i cant put any more stress on my family atm as we lost my younger brother in january and its all so raw, emotions all over for everyone. split up with ex before i found out i was expecting so he is not on the scene. i did let him know what was happening every step of the way and we just about managed to have a civil conversation on the phone.

glad to know you lot are out there somewhere and i can gain support from people who have experienced the loss of a child (not that i would wish this on any of you) but im glad your there.

take care all x

OP posts:
2ndDestiny · 16/04/2010 11:29

Hi Jakey

That's crappy that the dr/hospital are still not helping, but it sounds like good news if the feverish symptoms have passed - it may just be that your body was getting ready to pass that clot, and things will now start to settle down. My experience was that I felt very under the weather for several weeks after the miscarriage (wobbly, weak, chronically fatigued etc.).

If however your symptoms get worse again could you not get an emergency appt. with the GP? When I had pain after my mc, I went for an emergency GP appt. and my GP took a swab to check for infection then gave me extra antibiotics 'just in case' while waiting for the results. It turned out that all I had was a urine infection but still better to be cautious - a good dr won't take risks with your future fertility.

My condolences for the loss of your brother, btw.

Take care.

dorcas111 · 16/04/2010 17:22

Jakey I am so sorry you are not getting the medical support you need. After they confirmed at the EPU that I had miscarried a very lovely doctor told me to come back in if I started to feel at all unwell and to feel free to call them if I had any worries at all. That was after a natural miscarriage as well, not a surgical procedure like you. I'm just telling you this so you know that you are not being a frantic headcase at all, you are just unlucky to be receiving such poor medical care. And to be honest, even if you were being a 'frantic headcase' (and who isn't to some extent after going through the loss of a baby?) they should be doing their utmost to reassure you and take care of you emotionally as well as physically.
I'm glad to hear that the feverishness has stopped, that is a good sign, but as others have said if you feel worse you have to get checked out. Could you not just go down to AandE anyway, or turn up at the EPU and insist on a scan just to put your mind at rest? Even if you think you sound like a crazy woman (which you are not), who cares what they think. What matters is getting the care you need and losing a baby is hard enough without having the stress of worrying about health complications and your future fertility.
I'm sorry you are going through such a hard time right now and so sorry about your brother. xxx

musicposy · 17/04/2010 00:46

Hi Jakey87, I posted on your other thread when you were waiting for all this and I'm so sorry you had to go through such an awful time. I just cannot believe you went through that procedure awake, you poor, poor thing.

I think it would be normal to feel a bit rough after all you've gone through, but you shouldn't really feel feverish/ hot etc. I certainly don't think you're being a frantic headcase.

If you feel things aren't right, or need reassurance, keep on shouting until you get the medical care you deserve. One thing I felt with my mc was that there's not enough follow up. Hospital just discharge you and tell you to see GP if problems, and then GP either won't see you or hasn't got a clue. I felt rubbish too after a few days and I went to GPs 2 days running. I insisted on being seen. They gave me antibiotics which seemed to sort it out. I think you have to insist on proper care sometimes. Your medical care so far sounds woefully inadequate. I wouldn't feel at all guilty about getting the reassurance you need and deserve.

You've been through the worst time imaginable, but eventually things will get easier. You just have to get through this very tough time somehow, but it won't always seem as bad as this. xxx

Jakey87 · 17/04/2010 16:48

i now have a thick dark brown sticky stuff rather than bleeding, could this be old blood passing naturally or is it a sign of infection? has anyone else had this?
spoke to a lovely nurse on phone last night, rang hospital ready to tell them exactly what i thought of their patient care and demand to be seen and have a scan, she reasured me of a few things eg the feeling unwell could be because my body has not yet balenced it self out and the hormones will be leaving my body she said it affects some people this way and symptons could have been a lot worse, upset tummy, sickness andmigrain etc, said just wait till iv seen my G.P next week then if im not satisfied to ring her back and she will see what she can do.
tried ringing the same nurse today to ask about this brown stuff but she was not on shift and the nurse i spoke to told me to make an apointment with G.P so back to squar one again. suppose im gona have to do as im told and wait to see doctor.
tc all x

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treacscrum · 17/04/2010 17:13

Hi Jakey87,

I am new to the forum, but also had a medical miscarriage, but not as traumatic as you, you poor love. Mine was nearly a month ago, but as I didn't pass anything in hospital, they ended up giving me more and more tablets, till they just said - its not going to happen, and sent me home to wait and see. I just bled really, and no clots or sac to see. In relation to the brown discharge, I have had that too,(like sticky wet sand TMI - sorry) particularly this weekand it looks like I might be coming to an end of my bleeding thank god. I think as long as it is not foul smelling, and you dont feel feverish, then it sounds like its your body just doing what it is supposed to.I hope this helps a little xx

2ndDestiny · 17/04/2010 19:43

Hi again Jakey

I had the brown discharge after my mc too and I didn't have an infection. It tends to be when the bleeding is slowing down a bit. Not nice but not ominous either! I'd be more worried about your feverish symptoms, have they definitely settled down now? I'm glad you have at least been treated kindly by one person now but still not at all impressed with the care you have received. Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself

Jakey87 · 19/04/2010 00:04

yes the feverish symptoms have definatley gone now, it muts have been as somone on here said my body getting ready to pass the last clot.
i still have the brown sticky discharge instead of blood so im hoping this could be an end to all this suffering.
still have cramps but find walking helps, the pain when bending is not as bad as it was.
i still generaly feel washed out and i keep getting head aches but they shift with paracetamol so not migrain as the nurse suggested, probably due to lac of sleep and emotions overload. i will let you know how i get on with G.P
thank you for all replies.
Gemma x

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