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Continuing pg symptoms after mc

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LLJ4 · 12/04/2010 13:46

I started bleeding on Maunday Thursday (~8+1) and had a scan the following Wednesday (~9w), which showed a ~5w sac. Since my dates are only approximate by a day or so, I'm certain I've mmc.

My body really hasn't caught on yet. Although the bleeding has continued (period-type quantity) and I'm now on day 12 of the bleeding, the morning sickness is getting worse and I'm starting to show.

It almost seems more cruel than the mmc itself, if you see what I mean, that now people are starting to give me that sideways look, that "how old is DS?" look, that "oooh are you pg?!" look.

The first person to ask me is going to get the full answer though.

Just wondering how long I might expect the pg symptoms to last?

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mnistooaddictive · 12/04/2010 16:07

I really feel for you. I have been there. Morning sickness sucks but when you have mc it is just so cruel. I was getting those looks too. I waited about 2 weeks and then had ERPC as I got bored of waiting!

Goodluckbear · 12/04/2010 16:08


I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear your news, that sounds really unfair, particularly the way your body is still showing all the symptoms. I don't actually know the answer - I had a mmc, but I hadn't really got many symptoms anyway so there weren't any symptoms to go away, if that makes sense.

It sounds really hard and I hope you are getting a lot of support in RL. And I hope I've bumped your post up so someone with better advice will come along soon.


musicposy · 14/04/2010 19:25

LLJ4, so sorry to hear about your loss. I sympathise about your body not catching on. It sucks. I had a mmc followed by ERPC just under 3 weeks ago and it's only this week I've even remotely started to feel like my body isn't pregnant any more.

For a good two weeks I had tingly boobs, and I had the odd twinge of morning sickness. Every time I had a bath for a good two weeks I would burst into tears because I still looked so very obviously pregnant. My stomach's certainly not gone yet but I'm just starting to think I might look a bit less pregnant. People were starting to look at me knowingly too as I got quite big quite early - so any questions when I return to work Monday are going to be badly received. ( too!)

So for me, three weeks on and symptoms are starting to subside. But I imagine there's no definitive answer for how long it takes. I've been very cross with the cruelty of nature.

treacscrum · 14/04/2010 20:18

Hello all,

I am new to this so bear with me firstly, I want to say sorry for yout loss, and I know what you are going through. I fell pregnant in January, but had an early scan as they thought it might be ectopic - it wasnt, but to cut a long story very short, I had about a scan a week until mid feb when thay said there was no fetal HB anymore. I think the worse was it was identical twins - maybe triplets. I have known since feb that the pregnancy wasnt going to work, but the Drs wanted to see if I would miscarry naturally. I didnt so I had a medical induced miscarriage 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am still bleeding, my HCG levels are 196 and I still have the swollen belly - especially at night. I am upset and frustrated as we have known the pregnancy wasnt right since feb, and here we are in april and its still on going I just want to get back to normal to try again x

LLJ4 · 14/04/2010 21:16

Thanks everyone for your messages.

I have opted for medical management for several reasons, not the least being that I am squeamish about operations in general and D&C in particular. I had an op this time last year and the general anaesthetic was difficult. I could not cope with "wait and see" as I've frankly had enough already.

Ironically I've been bleeding a lot more heavily since the EPAU appointment today and * TMI ALERT * it's now getting so heavy that I'm changing a pad every 45 minutes - absolutely soaking through the kind of thick pad you could put in a doll's pram as a mattress.

I spoke to the EPAU midwife about the pg symptoms and she was very sweet about it. I have also now started to "pop" more obviously now and I can feel my uterus above my pelvis, firm as you like.

mnistooaddictive I know what you mean about "bored of waiting". Now that I have sort of come to terms with the loss I don't have any patience.

Goodluckbear Thanks for the kind message and the bump

musicposy Thank you for the heads-up. Fortunately (?) I won't be back at work until the end of the month now, having spoken to HR today, so at least the most nosey people in my life will not have anything to look at. And since the reason for my being off isn't being made public, they can look at me looking rough and think "well she's been ill". Or they can s0d off .

treacscrum Welcome to MN! I'm so sorry for your traumatic experience. I too want to get "reset" so we can start trying again. If only there were a "Ctrl-Alt-Del" button on a human body. For me it really feels like the clock is ticking. I really feel like I need to have #2 before DS turns three (June 2011) and since 2y6m was my ideal (and Mouse would have come at 2y5m) I sort of feel cheated out of my timing. Waiting weeks or months for my body to realise what's going on seems like torture.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences. I am so sorry that you have experiences to share, and hope you had as much support and love as I have received in such generous quantities here.

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