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Need advice urgently (going skiing tomorrow) 2nd period after mc

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Pollyanna · 11/04/2010 21:31

I had a mc at around 12 weeks on 1st Feb. My first period afterwards (about 5 weeks) was ok - fairly light. I was surprised about this as I was told that my womb lining was still very thick. I lost alot of blood at the time and got severely anaemic.

now I am on my second period and it has been really really heavy. I am now on about the 10th day of bleeding - have had some clots and blood loss is still fairly heavy today. I am starting to feel anaemic again (headaches, tired, cold, breathless). I spoke to EPU about this yesterday and they told me told me to test to see if I was pg again (I did and I'm not) but otherwise they thought it was probably ok, but I should phone back if it carried on. the problem is I am booked to go skiing tomorrow and am worried about the level of bleeding - at what stage should I be worried that I have an infection etc?

Can I go to a higher altitude if I am anaemic - is this safe?

I did have a couple of scans after the mc - one straight away, one 7 days later and was told that there weren't any retained products, but could this have been wrong?

Sorry for the long post, but don't want to go away if it is dangerous. Otoh would really like to get away and have a break.

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3l15a8eth · 11/04/2010 23:02

I think you need to get some proper medical advice. before you travel and check you medical insurance. You may be having another mc but you may also be just very worried that you may be. You have to do what you feel is right. A holiday may be what you need it took be a long time to get over mine. It still think bout it every now and again and I have two kids now 8 and 4 the mc was 9 years ago at 12 weeks. Good luck

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