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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

not sure what to do next

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km276 · 01/04/2010 10:54

Hi, first i apologise if i provide too much information-i'm not sure what is important and what isn't. at 5 and a half weeks i had a very small brown bleed when i wiped-i rang nhs direct (who were brilliant)and was advised that it would be fine as there was no pain. Over the next couple of days i had a brown discharge but still no pain. I went to the doctor on monday who told me that there wasn't anything that they could do until i was 7 weeks. On tuesday i had a quick gush of red blood with a couple of tiny clots which stopped as quickly as it started. A couple of hours later the same happened again, very quick with no pain. This morning i had some brown blood and a thick brown discharge. i am still overwhelmingly tired, have sore breasts and am still extremely queasy.
I'm not sure what i should do-i won't be able to get into the doctor before the easter hols and my doctor (the only female in the practice) is off for 2 weeks after that.
again sorry for the detail but i really don't know what to do- it makes everything so much worse that i still have my pregnancy symptoms. My husband is brilliant by the way but as clueless as i am.

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Julezboo · 01/04/2010 10:59

Can you ring your local Early Pregnancy Unit? I have experiences both sides of the coin here, brown and red blood ending in mc and also with my youngest son I bled on and off from 5 weeks right through till 20, he's 3 now.

Good Luck, I dont think you should wait that long to be seen tbh, they can do a scan now and will be able to see something, can se a heartbeat normally at 6 weeks, but even so they can monitor your HCG levels through blood tests to see if they are doubling.

mynameis · 01/04/2010 11:00

Hi km276, so sorry you are going through such a scary time.

Do you have an Early Pregnancy clinic at your hospital they will see you now or even A&E will give you a referral to the gynae department.

Bleeding can be very common in early pregnancy but you shouldn't have to be worrying for days on end without any advice.

Let us know how you get on xx

km276 · 01/04/2010 11:07

thanks so much for your quick responses, it's making me feel better just talking to you. my nearest epu is two counties over, i'll speak to my husband when he gets home- i haven't wanted to worry him too much as i don't think he's coping as well as he is trying to make out.

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