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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

No period after missed mc. Advice pls

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Eddie123 · 27/03/2010 15:54

I had a D&C 37 days ago after missed mc and I still haven't had a period. Does anyone know if this is normal?

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LunaticFringe · 27/03/2010 19:21

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Message withdrawn

Eddie123 · 27/03/2010 21:01

Thanks a lot for answering my message. I didn't really get any professional advice after the mc about when my periods would/should return. I'm feeling impatient as I really want to start trying again! Thanks again.

OP posts:
loopydoopy · 27/03/2010 21:29

Hi sorry for your loss. i mmc at the end of Jan and was told that it should take 4-6 weeks to return but have noticed from other threads that it can take longer. mine returned 5 weeks later but very very light. take care of yourself

sh77 · 29/03/2010 17:28


Pl dn't worry - mine came after 9 weeks and I was getting so down about it. It will come when your body is ready.

Anastasia1979 · 29/03/2010 18:20

Hi, mine took 8. I think it's pretty variable. I'm sorry for your loss, it is such a difficult time. xxxx

Chipper10 · 04/04/2010 20:42

Sorry for your loss. Mine took 11 weeks and I had spotting 5 weeks and 7 weeks post mc. Was told it would be about 6 weeks but mine was longer. Look after yourself.

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