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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Lost baby at 21 weeks

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WantBaby · 23/03/2010 13:46

I went for my 20 week scan at 21 weeks and there was no heartbeat so I was induced. All a bit of a nightmare and am worried if I get pg again the same thing will happen. Currently TTC for 3 months but no pgy yet. Anyone had a similar experience?

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iMum · 23/03/2010 13:49

Big Hugs for you right now. I had a similar exp at term-there is no real advice to give you as everyone deals with things there own way. Hope you get through these early days ok.

Owlingate · 23/03/2010 17:48

Did they find out why? Make sure you have lots of extra reassurance in the next PG - scans, doppler, etc. There is a group on sands for each stage of ttc / pregnancy after loss.

I lost a baby at 18 weeks and got pg straight away afterwards - the chubby grumpy result is sitting on my knee. I had trillions of scans, twice weekly MW appts and weekly counselling.

Sorry for your loss - always sorry to her someone else has had to go through this. Best of luck for next PG too.

WantBaby · 26/03/2010 14:49

Thanks, No they didn't find out why and ran loads of tests. Just wasn't meant to be

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