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Goodbye little bean

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Playingatmotherhood · 17/03/2010 17:42

Had confirmation from the EPU today of what I already knew that I mc our little bean this week. I am happy that the worst is over and I didn't need a d & c, which is great as I was 8wks. I know it wasn't meant to be, I know we'll be pg again and I am ok, mc is just part of the cycle of life and I have been so lucky that I don't seem to have any problems getting pg. But I just wanted to take the time to say goodbye to the bean that we both hoped would be our DC2. So farewell, though you never got the chance to be part of our lives you will be missed.

OP posts:
Cadelaide · 17/03/2010 17:57

What a lovely post.

Sorry for your loss.

meatntattypie · 17/03/2010 17:59

ahhh thats nice. Its important to say goodbye i think, although i never did and now wish that i did...even just in my head

Playingatmotherhood · 17/03/2010 18:25

Thanks ladies, didn't really expect a response just felt like I needed to make my peace and say goodbye.

OP posts:
Dreamfastgelfling · 18/03/2010 10:04

its beautiful, when i lost jellybean at 7 weeks i wrote a letter to him, i got a feeling it was a boy, and i keep it with his 6 week scan photo.

everyone should say goodbye at any point, as soon as they are conceived they have a life, and they are loved.

thanks for reminding us playingatmotherhood

Duritzfan · 18/03/2010 11:03

Commiserations Playing..

I think a lot of us have been there..and it really is so important to say goodbye ..we plant a rose for every lost baby and in the summertime it helps to see all those beautiful flowers still living and growing ..

I m thinking of having a ring made actually with a stone for each baby - something I can wear everyday - so I can cary them with me somehow..
Hope you get a beautiful healthy baby int he future to help heal you x

TiggieWiggle · 29/03/2010 21:29

I lost a bean too at 8 weeks on valentine's day. I thought I was coping well but still get days where I just want to curl up and cry. I am so sorry for your loss. Mumsnet has helped me so much - don't know how I would have coped without it. People in RL seem to think I should be over it by now - they just don't understand.

sparklyrainbow · 30/03/2010 20:29

TiggieWiggle- that's me too, 8 weeks, started to mc Valentines Day Totally agree with everything you've said... have you done anything to say goodbye, I go through phases of wanting to and then not?

Thanks for a lovely post OP and sorry for all our losses

ljg72 · 24/05/2010 14:21

I found this thread after losing our little bean over the weekend.
had scan today and it has gone.
So sorry for all our loses...
Lovely comforting messages on here...mumsnet is full of very special people, and I am very thankful.

We are lighting a lantern for our "Little Bean" say goodbye to a much wanted and loved bean. X

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