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When do pg symptoms go after mc?

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GrumpyFish · 05/03/2010 17:38

I just mc'd for the second time at just under 7 weeks. Last time I think the baby must have died a while before I mc'd, hadn't felt very pg and pg test was negative by the time bleeding started, so I didn't have this issue. This time baby looked fine (hb seen) on a scan the day before I mc'd (although bleeding had already started). A couple of days after mc I'm still feeling nauseous and being sick (if anything it's getting worse). It just seems too much, it's confusing me and making it difficult to accept I'm not pg anymore (am starting to delude myself that maybe I miscarried one of twins or something, although in reality I know that this is nonsense as there was clearly only one baby on scan) - please can someone tell me that the sickness will stop soon and isn't going to go on for another week or so?

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tiggergirl · 05/03/2010 19:15

i am sorry to hear your news i recently miscarriaged too a month ago at 8 weeks . i felt sick for a week a nd tired for two and was very emotional and would make partner hug me to sleep which help me fell normal we going to start trying again and hope you do too when your ready.

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