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Bleeding 9 days after ERPC??

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phoebebouffet · 01/03/2010 22:47

Hi everyone I didn't bleed at all hardly after the op and now 9 days later I have light bleeding and I'm not sure if it's a period or not, is 9 days too soon?


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Jacanne · 01/03/2010 22:51

Very sorry for your loss phoebe. I would be suprised if it were a period - I didn't get one for 6 weeks after my ERPC and from friends experiences I know that to be common.

ShowOfHands · 01/03/2010 22:56

I'm sorry.

This is a useful site.

phoebebouffet · 01/03/2010 22:57

thanks, that's what i was thinking, will go to the docs tomorrow.

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