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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Think it's a miscarriage

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Littlemermaid · 14/07/2005 19:16

Has anyone been in this situation ? Started spotting yesterday and bleeding properly this morning although no clotting or heavy bleeding (7.5 weeks pg). I saw my GP yesterday who wasn't overly concerned but sent me along to the early pregnancy unit this morning.

My internal scan showed nothing - but Midwife said there were signs that I am or have been pregnant. DH and I were both shocked and upset, they then gave me a pregnancy test (I had already done about 6 of my own and had pregnancy confirmed at booking appointment) which was positive and took blood. My hormone levels were low (5.3) but they could not confirm whether this is a miscarriage or whether the pregnancy is much earlier than we thought until Monday when they will test hormones again. It's only Thursday FGS. Since leaving the unit I have had more severe cramping and the bleeding has continued.

It's so weird I thought a miscarriage would be very painful or there would be loads of blood and I would feel dreadful but I don't really. Should I contact NHS 24 as GP and EPU are now closed or just hang on until tomorrow and see what happens. I've kind of come to the realisation that I'm losing the baby I'm not under any illusions there but what should I be doing now ????

OP posts:
golds · 14/07/2005 19:32

can I ask, what the signs were when the midwife says there was ? (did that make sense ?)

I don't want to worry you in the slightest, but please be aware that it could be a ectopic. I had a scan at 6/7 weeks due to a bleed and the scan picked up nothing because the PG was in the tube, 2 weeks later, unfortunately it ruptured. Please make sure they keep testing you for your HCG levels and be aware of any pains you may have in your stomach and shoulder.

I am sorry if this sound dramatic and I truly hope that all goes well for you and that you are just earlier on than thought. I just wanted to tell you about it.

Take care x

Whizzz · 14/07/2005 19:35

MCs are not always painful
There are quite a few threads on here regarding different peoples symptoms & signs.
I'd just try & take it easy. If you prepare yourself for the worst, if all is OK it's a bonus. Best Wishes

milosmum · 14/07/2005 19:47

oh littlemermaid!

the exact same thin happened to me in may i was only 6 weeks though but still got the "not sure you ll have to wait" speach. i started spotting on the sunday of the bank holiday so i called NHS direct who said as there was no pain and it was "old" blood she was not concerned but to go to my GP on tuesday so they could send me for an early scan. the bleeding stopped that afternoon and i had no problems but by the thursday it was very heavy and clotty but to this day i ve still had no pain...unlike my 1st mc at xmas. sadly i lost my little one at that piont- i really hope all goes well for you!

the lady at NHS direct wasn t concerned so i hope yours is the one where the spotting isn t bad news!

Hulababy · 14/07/2005 19:51

So sorry you are going through this little mermaid.

TBH I don't remember any pain with my MC either - at 7.5 weeks. I do, sadly, remeber that I knew that I had lost the baby at the time though - it was obvious IYSWIM

Hang in there till Monday - hard I know. Be prepared for the worst news; if it isn't bad news then at least that will be a bonus afterwards.


Littlemermaid · 14/07/2005 20:11

Thanks for your quick and supportive replies. Really sorry to hear of all of your losses.

Golds the midwife said the endometrium (sp) was thick and that was an indicator that I was or had been recently pg.

I was worried about ectopic as I have Endometriosis so my chances of this are higher than average. They are testing my HCG levels again on Monday.

Like you say Hulababy, I think DH and I both know our baby is gone so we're pretty much assuming the worst.

It's so ironic we didn't think we could get pregnant due to my Endo, it was a complete shock. Our DS is only 9 months he too was a shock but we had been told that he was a one off and I had no chance of conceiving naturally again.

TBH I was only just starting to adjust to the idea of 2 babies under 2 and starting to make plans although I just had a feeling from the start that something wasn't quite right with this pregnancy. I posted before that it just didn't seem real to us at all

OP posts:
Tabs · 14/07/2005 20:20

Littlemermaid - I'm so very sorry for what you're going through. As the other ladies have said, a miscarriage doesn't always hurt, especially if it is a missed miscarriage (where the baby has already been dead for a while before you get any signs).

They need to leave it a couple of days before they test your blood again, because if you are still pregnant then the hormone level should double roughly every 48 hours. It's unfortunate that the 48 hours for you will be up over the weekend, when the EPU is most likely closed.

I hope that the bleeding will stop and it will turn out to have been a false alarm, but please be prepared for it to get heavier over the next day or two. When I had my m/c last year I had a full day of light bleeding before it got really really heavy (my baby had died about 4 weeks beforehand without me knowing). If it becomes unbearably heavy over the weekend then I would suggest that you go to A&E, as your hospital may want to admit you to gynae if the EPU is closed.

Wishing you all the best.

Hulababy · 14/07/2005 20:25

"I just had a feeling from the start that something wasn't quite right with this pregnancy."

Odd you should say that. First time I fell pg (MC at 7.5 weeks) things just didn't seem right. I don't know what or why. But it just didn;t feel like I was pg.

However when I got pg with DD I knew from the start I was pg. All the symptoms were there right from 4 weeks.

Take care of yourself.

Littlemermaid · 14/07/2005 21:18

Thanks for the advice Tabs, sorry to hear of your loss. Will certainly get in touch with NHS 24 if the bleeding or pain gets worse.

Hulababy, you're right when I was pg was DS I just knew I was and felt really confident about the pregnancy even though there was little chance I could be pregnant and I had various complications, never thought it wouldn't work out. This time though I haven't really had any symptoms and it just didn't feel right.

Thanks for all your help and kind words ladies, it's really helped me tonight. DS is keeping me going, can't really feel too sorry for myself with a crawling, teething baby on the loose, but after he went to bed tonight we've just pottered around the house. As I say, not really in any pain - surreal experience to be sitting watching Eastenders when you're losing your baby...

OP posts:
Hulababy · 14/07/2005 21:26

Keep posting little mermaid. Whenever you feel the need, someone is always around for support. I din't know of MN or similar when I had my mc. I dealt with it badly and told very few people at all, and tried to go on as normal. Bad move. It came back big style a few months later and reallt got me down.

See what happens on Monday. Take it from there.

in the mean time, relax, get the support you need and don't expect too much form yourself right now.

Littlemermaid · 15/07/2005 09:10

Morning - just wanted to thank you all for your support last night. Unfortunately things got worse during the night, I spoke to the EPU a moment ago but they are pretty sure, as am I, that I have misscarried the baby. I've to go tommorrow to a larger hospital to be seen by a doctor and have this confirmed and get checked over. I'm feeling very rational about the whole thing but I'm sure it will hit me eventually, especially as my neighbour has just brought her new twin girls home.

Thanks again for your kind wishes. Hope to chat to you all again under better circumstances !

OP posts:
milosmum · 15/07/2005 14:00

so sorry ! ,,,i was hoping your outcome would be better!

golds · 15/07/2005 16:10

so sorry to hear your news, I had my fingers crossed for you, take care

spub · 15/07/2005 19:10

I was posting messages very similar to yours at the end of May/beginning of June.
I had a M/C at 7-8 weeks and my only symptoms were 2 days of bleeding followed by some spotting. Nothing too physically distressing but I also had had the feeling that something was not quite right with the pregnancy (I have a dd of 2.5 so was able to compare). I had had a minor bleed at 6 weeks with dd but then everything was fine.
I was also left in limbo for a while about whether I could have an ectopic pregnancy and it was very worrying. I ended up with 5 weeks worth of blood tests as my HcG levels were too low to be pregnant but not dropping as they should have.
I hope things have gone ok for you today. Please remember that there are people here who know how you might be feeling and who can really help.

golds · 18/07/2005 18:53

how are you today ?

Whizzz · 18/07/2005 18:56


Littlemermaid · 18/07/2005 19:46

The weekend was pretty bad, painful and very upsetting for DH and myself. I spent a day in bed physically and mentally exhausted. DH has been fantastic taking care of our little boy (who gets up at 5.30am) and letting me rest although DS is now sensing something is up, can he, he's only 9 months ??

We're both feeling very sad today as we've realised all the plans we'd been making are gone now. Also very angry with my best friend who DH phoned to tell on Saturday who emailed me today saying you must be feeling bad, never mind chance to put your feet up and watch TV, it wasn't really a baby, and then proceeded to tell me all about her problems with her boyfriend.

While I appreciate I'm not the only one in the world with problems and the world does not revolve around me, I do think she could have given me a bit more sympathy or even a couple of days to come to terms losing my baby before she landed me with her mess.

Thanks for your continuing support, it means alot

OP posts:
golds · 19/07/2005 08:24

Lots of people around don't understand how it feels. nobody apart from a few friends gave me support about the baby, they just seem to think because I'm smiling now, that nothing has happened. You have come to the right place for support, so many people know how you are feeling on here, take care and keep posting x

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