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Idiot's guide to natural killer cells?

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WreckOfTheHesperus · 18/02/2010 09:50

I am expecting my test result today; spoke to a nurse at the Lister on the 'phone yesterday who said that she couldn't really interpret my test results, but that I might need treatment.

She said something about 184/200, which was ok, but other readings which she didn't understand being a bit dodgy.

Can anyone explain in layman's terms what the different things that they are looking for might be, and how they treat them?


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WreckOfTheHesperus · 18/02/2010 14:16

Ok, have found out I hvae high levels of NK cells; am just starting second fresh IVF / ICSI.

Am really worried about trying to treat these because of possible health impacts of me and potential foetus.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or, better still, positive stories of people with NK cells have successful pregnancies?

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shinysideup · 18/02/2010 19:26

Yes! I have no personal experience of this but there is a story in today's news about a woman who had 18 miscarriages (because of NK cells) and has just given birth to a baby girl after treatment

WreckOfTheHesperus · 18/02/2010 20:15

Thanks shineysideup; very interesting - 18 miscarriages, it doesn't bear thinking about...

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