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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Trial run....

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MissiG · 07/02/2010 18:18

Having fallen off my bike four weeks ago, on my way home from work and then discovering miscarriage the next day. I decided to do a trial cycle part of my route to work and it was horrendous. I was shaking a lot when I got on the bike. Then when I did the hill I normally do I broke down... When I was pregnant I got off and walked half way up it because I thought I shouldn't increase my heart rate too much and this time I realised I could just go up it without stopping and it was so upsetting. I cried my eyes out. I've decided to let myself off the hook, I'm not going to cycle in to work tomorrow as I'm anxious enough given it's my first day back, so it's the train for me! I might cycle on Thursday, having asked my friend's husband who also cycles from the same part of town and lives near me to cycle with me. I feel like I've got a herd of elephants doing cartwheels in my belly...

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LunaticFringe · 07/02/2010 19:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MissiG · 07/02/2010 20:33

Thanks so much! Love the name - think I should call myself CrazyLady at the minute! Gx

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kissmummy · 07/02/2010 20:48

oh dear missi - how far along were you? If you were in the early stages of the first trimester it's quite unlikely the fall caused your loss. It could be a horrible coincidence.

MerryMagpie · 07/02/2010 20:58


Good luck back at work tomorrow xxxx Take it easy on yourself

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