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erpc and bleeding question

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liahgen66 · 06/02/2010 08:25

hi all.

had erpc last thursday and bled for few days lightly. ( I remember when I had one before this was what happened too)

his morning i am bleeding like a period. Is this normal?

We want to ttc asap so had counted erpc day as 1st day of bleeding, I checked with doc and she said yes do this, and especially as I have to have progesterone bloods done on day 19 so need to know where my cycle is.

God this is bloody annoying.

any experiences would be appreciate. Thank you

OP posts:
Moofold · 06/02/2010 19:19

I had an ERPC in Dec and bled lightly for 2 days then nothing for about 5 or 6 weeks. So experience not like yours but didn't want to leave your post unanswered. Even when I bled after that length of time I couldn't be sure if it was a 'proper' period - totally sympathise with your frustrations and wanting to get back to some sort of normality with your cycle.

It seems a bit soon after for a period but I guess your doc knows best. Sorry you're going through this, hope you are bearing up

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