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Hormones- what to expect after ERPC- advice please

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clareanna · 16/01/2010 14:17

I had a surgical evacuation yesterday after suffering a silent miscarriage. I found out the baby had no heartbeat at the 12 week scan, and had died at 10 weeks. I spent 3 days before they could do the procedure feeling in complete devastation- yet still with pregnancy symptoms of nausea etc. I'd like to know what to expect in the next week - do you have a hormone crash like after giving birth? Today I just feel the affects of the general anaesthetic- dizzy, and spaced out- just numb, with no emotional energy for my DS who is only 2.5 :-(

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MiniMarmite · 16/01/2010 19:04

Hi Clareanna

Sorry to hear about your silent MC. I've had two (the first discovered at a scan at 10 weeks and the second discovered at a scan at 8 weeks, both babies died at 6.5 weeks so not as far along as you).

In both cases I found that my pregnancy symptoms continued for some weeks but eventually tailed off. I also tested positive for pregnancy for some time.

My periods returned after 8 weeks the second time but quicker the first (probably because the scan was later so my body was already trying to 'end' the pregnancy)

The emotional side, of course, can go on for a lot longer.

My DS was 13 months when I had my second MMC and I felt like you - numb with no emotional space for him. I found that passed quite quickly (after about a week) and in the meantime I my parents and DH filled the gap as best they could.

Take care and if you've got people around who can help with DS during your initial recovery then let them do that for you.

clareanna · 17/01/2010 19:54

Thanks so much minimarmite I'm just completely numb at the moment - I can hardly recognise the person I was a week ago - the last 3 months feel like they happened a lifetime ago - I feel completely disconnected at the moment

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