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blood clots in early pregnancy- reasurrance needed!

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juliet2 · 15/01/2010 00:07

hi there,

My daughter is now 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant, last thursday she started bleeding very lightly we went to the a&e and they booked her in for a scan for sunday, when we got to the scan they had to perfom internal as baby was to small to see, never the less there was the babies little heartbeat! but tonight she has a little heavier bleeding and lost 2 really small not even as big as 5pence pieces clots, she has another scan for 10 in the morning, just wondering has anyone ever experienced the same thing and gone on to have a healthy baby? reasurrance is desperatley needed! thanks xxx

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mummysgoingmad · 15/01/2010 02:32

The exact same thing happened to me. I had a huge blood clot in my womb and a cyst on 1 of my ovaries. My bleeding was quite intense and scared the crap out of me.

I now have a 13 month old boy who wrecks the house on a daily basis.

Why havent the done an ultra sound, even if the baby is too little to see, they should still be checking that there is no problems with her. I would ask to get 1 done..couldn't hurt could it?

Hope i've put your mind at ease.. Congrats btw

juliet2 · 15/01/2010 15:32

thanks for that, been today and good news heartbeat still there! on the scan picture you can see a little tear so maybe thats where the blood is from, thank you for posting

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mummysgoingmad · 15/01/2010 21:01

Thats great news! Glad everythings ok, i bet your daughter is over the moon

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