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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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Malotkins · 10/01/2010 10:55

Hi ladies,

Can I ask you a question? I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so apols if not. I want to try again as soon as my body recovers from a mmc and have been reading up on vitamins and minterals for ttc. I was wondering what other people might be taking in addition to Pregnacare? I am taking; Pregnacare (since Sept 09), Vitamin B complex (since Sept 09), baby aspirin (since last week), Evening Primrose Oil (since Sept 09). I have just bought Selenium as I have read really good things about it. I read the recommended dose for ttc is 200mcg and there is only 50mcg in Pregnacare so I wanted to top it up. I will be rattling soon! I have also read 300mg of Magnesium is also good with a history of miscarriage. Have I gone a bit ott? I definatley think the EPO is worth taking as I noticed it greatly increased my EWCM (sorry, TMI!).



OP posts:
Lotster · 10/01/2010 12:33

Hi there,

I have a special interest in complementary medicine. I would say two things, probably taking too much (not sure why the baby aspirin?) and also you could spend your money better on fewer, more quality products.

I would recommend Solgar Pre-natal (lots of places online to get it cheaper but this link shows you the ingredients) the ingredients are far superior to Pregnacare.
Also a good fish oil like Higher Nature is always good to take, and can regulate stress and anxiety for you and boost brain function in a child when you are pregnant. It's takien fromt eh body of the fish not the liver so no Retinol contrindication.

I find Dscountvitaminsandherbs.comusually has good prices.

Good luck!

Lotster · 10/01/2010 12:35
sh77 · 10/01/2010 13:17


I had MMC in Nov. Like you, I am taking EPO and Pregnacare. I am having accupuncture and was given some Chinese herbs. I am concerened about taking too many vits.

Not sure why you are taking baby asprin - I think you can take this once you are pregnant. There is disagreement about whether only women with clotting issues should take it or an pregnant woman.

Lotster - are you trained in complementary medicine? I am looking to see someone for advice.

Lotster · 10/01/2010 13:20

P.s. just thought about baby Aspirin, I remeber someone I know being told to take it by their doc after becoming pregnant, but I think it's good to discuss it with your own GP as to whether you need a blood thinner really.

Taking too many tablets isn't always good as they can out extra stress on your body, especially liver, and unless you really know what is ok to take with what I'd keep it simple.

Again good luck!

Lotster · 10/01/2010 13:22

Sh77 - not I'm not. It's an interest for now, but I am looking in to courses at the mo. I have a good friend who is, andhas continued to study for about 14 years now and he gives great advice.

So if it's something I don't know I can always find out for you

Malotkins · 10/01/2010 15:54

Thanks for the replies and advice. I will definately try the Solgar pre-natal and the fish oil. Re: the baby aspirin, I did mention it to the doctor and she said there would be no harm taking it although she did arrange a full set of blood tests inc. to see if I had the blood clotting disorder which I think the Baby Aspirin is for. I will go and talk to

Thanks again.


OP posts:
Lotster · 10/01/2010 21:42

Ok well if it helps, fish oils will have a blood thinning effect too- hence I stopped taking them a week before my caesarean.

sh77 · 11/01/2010 18:32

Hi lotster

Didn't know that about fish oils.

Another comment re aspirin - when I found out I was preg, I asked my consuktant if I should take it and he said that as no clotting issue had been confirmed at the time, not to take it as there is some reseach to indicate that thinning the blood without reason could cause bleeding.

I am also taking garlic tablets to keep my immune system strong. I know that it thins blood also but a mild clotting issue has been identified post_MC (to be tested again after my period returns). I found that it helped to clear up a skin rash that I had for weeks. Great natural antibiotic.

I went to the EPU today to make sure I had no retained products as I have been having sore boobs and no periods 7 weeks after ERPC. Thankfully, no retained products. My lining measures 6mm, which is thin but not too bad given that implantation requires 7mm. Doc said it was nothing to worry about at this stage but confirms for me that I should not TTC until I have had 2 periods. Do you or your friend have any advice on strengthening/thickening the uterus? Would be really grateful for any input.

Lotster · 11/01/2010 20:08

I will ask as I don't really know myself what's best. Just what I've read.. I know the doc can sometimes prescribe an oestrogen supplement to thicken the uterine lining, but if it's animal derived then there are claims that it can up your chances of breast or uterine cancer. Some opt for natural alternative, plant derived phytoestrogens found in soy and plants like red clover. And there's good old Red Rasberry Leaf tea too, renowned for strengthening and thickening the lining; the clover and the rasberry together make a good herbal fertility tea/supplement.

Also read about pomegranate juice (tastes good do worth a try anyway!)

Anyway will ask tomorrow and mention the stuff I've said too in case he says there are any contra-indications (or bollocks!) ;0)

pureequeen · 11/01/2010 20:43


I had two consecutive MC before conceiving my lovely DS - he is now 1. I took a three month break after the second MC and conceived DS first time we tried. We used ovulation predictors - found it quite handy!

I bought a book written by a US fertility doctor and followed his various vitimin suggestions. I took 500mg Vit C/daily the week before I ovulated but stopped immediately once we thought we had conceived.

I don't have any relevant qualifications to support this but I would really back the Solgar prenatal vitamins - from what I have read they are definitely superior and better absorbed than other brands.

I took Agnus Castus and Evening Primrose Oil but stopped as soon as I had a positive pregnancy test. I can't remember exactly why now, but I had read to stop those particular remedies once pregnant.

My uncle is an obstetrician and he suggested I take low dose aspirin - once I was pregnant - for first 20 weeks. I did it but this is controversial as I did not have any blood tests to show that I had the clotting disorder. Your Dr may not support this so do be mindful that it is not accepted by all medical professionals.

Don't forget that it may help if your partner/husband takes a good quality multivitamin before you conceive too.

Very best of luck.

Lotster · 11/01/2010 21:15

Good point pureequeen, Solgar's Male Multiple would be a good choice.

sh77 · 11/01/2010 23:10

Brill advice. Thank you Lotster and Pureeueen.

Lotster · 12/01/2010 12:08

Quick update from the professional!:

he said the garlic you're taking is great, as would be rasberry/clover tea, and gingko.

Also Agnus Castus which is great for regulating your hormones, also helps with absent periods etc. (My friend had been referred for fertility treatment last year at Oxford, her body hadn't returned to ovulating since her previous baby, then three, when I suggested she tried it. Not to get anyone's hopes up but she did fall pregnant naturally before the IVF treatment was going to start.)

He also mentioned in particular Omega 7 - I read up on it and it's has been found to enhance and regenerate the mucous membranes in the vagina so it's also recommended for support during menopause.

Finally he said you can ask your GP about a hormonal screen- you can't usually get it on the NHS but they can explain it to you if want to pay.. you hormones aren't just looked at as a "snapshot" but over a few days to see how they are working and changing.

There is also a doctor named Shirley Bond who discovered progesterone cream, which can improve your follicles if you are suffering from an oestrogen imbalance.

Lots to look at there!

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