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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Please help need some advise

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brunotheboxer · 31/12/2009 13:27

hi every1, i really need some advise if any1 can help. i had a miscarriage about 4 months ago at 11wks, very upsetting. on the 24th dec i found out i were pregnant again, the only thing is i have started bleeding like a light period and its bright red, i have been for an early scan and they said im about 4-5wks and they can see teh sac but nothing in it as im too early to see anything and they cant see any reason for the bleed. i ahve no pains but im really worried that im starting to miscarry again. i have to go back in 2wks to see if there is anything in the sac. can any1 give me advise or been through the same thing :/

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ILoveGregoryHouse · 31/12/2009 14:42

Hiya. When did you start bleeding? How long has it being going on for? Did you have hcg bloods done at the time of your scan?

brunotheboxer · 31/12/2009 14:49

hi i started bleeding yesterday and im still bleeding now, no didnt have my hcg bloods done they just told me to go back in 2wks for another scan

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ILoveGregoryHouse · 31/12/2009 14:58

Hi again, can you call the epu again to let them know about the bleeding? It could be something and it could be nothing, but best to call them or your gp. I hope all is well for you, the wait is awful, the not knowing. I'm sorry I can't be more help.

brunotheboxer · 31/12/2009 15:01

dont really know if i can ring them again, they didnt really help me at all yesterday, basically gave me a scan said it were too early and come back in 2wks. i dont know weather im coming or going!

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brunotheboxer · 31/12/2009 15:02

sorry forgot to say they already know im bleeding thats why the docs sent me in for a scan

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ILoveGregoryHouse · 31/12/2009 15:03

All I can say is, it's a waiting game. It's shit, I know. Hope you can rest and take care of yourself, there's nothing else to do.

brunotheboxer · 31/12/2009 15:05

thanks anyway x

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kissmummy · 31/12/2009 23:27

hi there
i second what ILove said. it's a shit, horrible waiting game. there is NOTHING you can do. i never like bleeding -the honest truth is that often it is not a good sign. BUT my friend had heavy heavy bleeding off and on throughout her first trimester and her little boy is now 6 months old. i also had some early bleeding with my only successful pregnancy. my son is now 2 years old. so perhaps it will all be fine. thinking of you.

llareggub · 31/12/2009 23:48

As the others have said, it is a waiting game.

But I have read lots of threads where bleeding in early pregnancy has gone on to be absolutely nothing and has resulted in a successful pregnancy. I had very heavy bleeding with my first pregnancy and I went on to have a baby boy.

Good luck, I will say a little prayer for you.

ILoveGregoryHouse · 02/01/2010 09:48

How are you today Bruno?

brunotheboxer · 02/01/2010 09:53

hi ilovegregoryhouse, well im still bleeding, im no different, not heavier or lighter, still like a light period! i havent got any pain and not passed any clots! i know its a waiting game, so hopefully everything will be ok. dont duppose you know how long a implantion bleed lasts do u?

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NumptyMum · 02/01/2010 10:07

I'm sorry to hear that you lost a baby this summer, it makes subsequent pregnancies so much more stressful. I also lost a baby at 15wks earlier this summer, then got pregnant 2 cycles after. I had bleeding around 6wks for (I think) around 2 days, but shorter than a period or m/c. I thought I'd lost the baby, but when it ended sooner I rang the fetal medicine unit and they confirmed I was still pregnant. One thing I thought of was that, after losing my earlier baby, I'd never felt quite 'right/comfortable', ie when (sorry if TMI) trying to go to the loo/pushing, felt a bit tender. So I'm wondering whether there was something that hadn't quite settled back right - and I was carrying my toddler on my hip a lot the day that it started so was perhaps putting that bit under more strain. Anyway, I'm still pg at 12wks+ so we're still OK so far... hoping for a good outcome for you too.

brunotheboxer · 02/01/2010 10:20

hi numptymum, thanks for your message, i have no been bleeding for 5 days now, it hasnt changed ie got heavier or lighter and it is like a light period, i havent got any pain or passed any clots but im just soooo worried as i had a miscarriage then previous to that i had an eptopic and i have had 2 other misccariages couple of years ago! i am hoping it may just be a period or the implantion bleed. i have to wait till the 13th to go back for another scan.

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NumptyMum · 02/01/2010 10:32

I'm sorry that it's such a worrying time, being in limbo like this is so hard. I'm guessing that if it's light bleeding, fresh red and no clots it's better than otherwise... will they not scan you again any sooner? I was scanned after mine (although had stopped bleeding), I think that was at around 6wks. I know you've had one scan, but I'm not sure why they would wait so long for another if the bleeding is ongoing? Fingers crossed for you...

brunotheboxer · 02/01/2010 10:38

dont know i can have another scan cause when i went for my 1st scan they said i were 4-5wks, they could see the sac but nothing inside as i were too ealry too see anthing thats why i have to ga back on the 13th! when you start a miscarriage is the blood dark?

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NumptyMum · 02/01/2010 11:21

I guess I'm thinking more of a normal period - which starts light in colour then gets darker as time goes on and the bleeding is not 'fresh'. I'm afraid I can't remember what the woman at the fetal medicine centre said to me re my own bleeding (she did ask but I've an appalling memory) but I'm pretty sure they usually ask about clots etc. Shame all this is happening over weekend/holidays, but if you get the chance can you call hosp and ask what signs you should look for re m/c or continued bleeding?

brunotheboxer · 08/01/2010 16:47

hi every1, well i have stopped bleeding, i bled for 5 days with no pains, cramps or clots. the only thing is no i dont feel pregnant anymore, does any1 know if you always get cramps and pains if it is a miscarriage? i have also done another test a there is a faint line there but not as strong as the 1st test!!! im just wondering if i have miscarried!! im going back on wednesday for another scan! :{

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NumptyMum · 09/01/2010 22:35

Hi Bruno
just spotted your post - I'm afraid I have no answers about mc, as I only had the one natural mc at around 5wks and I think that was like a heavy period (ie heavy bleeding, period pains etc).

I'm sorry you're still in limbo with all of this .

wendywoo2 · 12/01/2010 13:01

Hi Bruno,
I'm keeping everything crossed for your scan tomorrow, there is no worse feeling than going for that scan, all you want them to tell you, is that they can see a heartbeat!
I've had 7 miscarriages now, all have been the same, terrible pain, followed by the bleed of really dark blood, then baby . It is normal though that they can't see anything at the 4-5 week stage, but hopefully tomorrow you'll see little one, with a lovely strong heartbeat.

It's great news the bleeding has stopped, and you've passed no clots, surely this is good news. You do hear of people bleeding at the early stage, and still go on to have a successful pregnancy.

As for the pregnancy test, don't get too hung up on it looking a little fader than a few weeks ago, it did the same with my current pregnancy, as I was certain I was going to miscarry this one too, and did test after test for the first few weeks until my 8 week scan(I'm 35 weeks pregnant now... but still scared stiff all will go wrong).

My thoughts are with you tomorrow x

brunotheboxer · 16/01/2010 20:55

hi every1, just thought id let u know, i went for my scan and there is nothing there , ive had a miscarriage! very different from all my last! well that is my 6th miscarriage now! hopefully next 1 will work out fine!

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brunotheboxer · 16/01/2010 21:25

hi wendywoo2
you said that you have had 7 m/c now but 35wks. did all the m/c happen 1 after the other? did they find anything wrong? how long did it take to get pregnant again? god ur nearly ready to drop1 do u know the sex?
all the best x

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