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Do I really need 2nd erpc?

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JennyJW · 08/12/2009 16:49


Going to hospital tomorrow for scan as still bleeding (very lightly). Also showing faint positive on pregnancy test. It is now 4 weeks since my erpc after a mmc. My GP said today it is likely I have to have another erpc. Is this still the case even if it is just a small amount left? Can it be sorted with any medication? Would be pleased to hear from anyone who knows anything about this or been through same/similar.

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daisytaylor · 08/12/2009 17:41

Hi there so sorry for your loss.
I had medication misoprostal 2 weeks ago due to incomplete mc. If you choose this route then expect cramps and bleeding that progresses to very heavy and lots of clots. The pain can be quite bad but mine wasn't too bad. I also suffered sickness and diarrhoea that kicked in about 2 to 3 hours after taking the tablets but this settled by the next day. I took the medication 2 weeks ago and i am still bleeding and losing clots and still had a very faint positive this morning when i done a test. It will probably be quicker to have the erpc. It depends on how much more you can put up with, Mine has been going on for weeks and i can't see an end in sight yet. I just wanted you to know what can happen with the medication. I kept asking the doctors but never got any straight answers so i hope this helps you. All the best and i hope it goes well for you.

JennyJW · 08/12/2009 19:42

Thanks. If I need anymore treatment I will probably go for the erpc again then. Don't like the sound of your experience with the misoprostal. I hope you feel better soon.

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lulu78 · 14/12/2009 11:54

Hi Jennyjw - Just wanted you to know I'm having to have a 2nd erpc on Wednesday which they told me I have to have. I had my 1st erpc 6wks ago and bleed for 3wks after. I stoped bleeding for a week then started very light bleeding again which I thought was my period. Had a scan last wk as Im being investigated for recurrent miscarriages and the scan showed they had left some retained products. I couldn't believe it. Im booked in on Weds for the 2nd time, this time Ive been told the op will be carried out by a consultant, god knows why a consultant doesnt perform the op 1st time around, especially with something so sensitive. They didnt mention anything to me about taking medication, they just said it was really important for me to have the erpc because of infection. Hope this helps and goodluck with your scan.

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