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Chemical Pregnancy?

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roulade · 01/12/2009 12:50

I was due on on 15th Nov, nothing happened so did pregnancy test the following day, negative. Still no AF so did another test 2 days later, negative then had a very small bleed for 2 days which then stopped.I tested again on 24th Nov and got a BFP. I then started bleeding on the 26th and went to A & E they did 2 tests and both were negative ( this was afternoon, i tested with first urine of the day) so said it was probably a very early mc ( by dates would have been 5+4 ) and they sent me on my way. I feel like they didn't believe me as i wasn't examined at all. Could this have been a chemical pregnancy?

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roulade · 01/12/2009 17:40


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shonaspurtle · 01/12/2009 17:42

Sorry for your loss . I don't think it's that they didn't believe you, just that there's really nothing they can do.

shonaspurtle · 01/12/2009 17:43

A "chemical" pregnancy btw is just one that is so early there are no physical signs to show that it was there.

If you hadn't tested and got your bfp that day you might never have known you miscarried, just thought you had a late period.

lissielouskissingsantaclaus · 01/12/2009 17:45

it does sound like it im afraid, unfortunately early pg is still very much a grey area in medical terms. however, if i were you i would retest in a few days with FMU just to make sure that you are NOT pg. if you are then you need to call EPU and ask for an early scan.

I am v sorry you are going through this, its horrible xx

roulade · 01/12/2009 18:00

Well i was bleeding quite heavily ( for me ) over the weekend so i really don't think there would be anything left tbh. I have a gp appointment on friday so will make sure it is put on my records as i have had 2 mcs in the past ( both at 10 weeks ) incase i need investigating. I am luckier than alot of people though as i do have a ds (3) already. Thanks for your replies.

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