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Ovulating after m/c

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Glasgow85 · 01/12/2009 08:53

Hi everyone just new to this site. I had an early m/c just over 2 weeks ago think i mite have only been about 4 wks it started on a sat and i had 2 wait till the monday 2 c epu longest wait of my life. They done a scan nothing showed they took blood then they phoned on the tue mornin to tell me my hormorne level was really low i had an early m/c it was devasting . Me and my partner decided we wanted to try again i took an ovulation test sat 28th nov and it was positive got a smiley face so we took advantage of this all wkend . But im starting 2 doubt the result a bit is it possible 2 ovulate 2 wks after m/c i hope it is and we dnt hav 2 wait to long it took us 6 mnths to fall pregnant first time. Any advice would b a great help

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monkeybumsmum · 01/12/2009 11:39

Hi Glasgow, so sorry to hear about your mc. It is possible to ovulate again so soon, so go with the OPK, and let's hope this month is a better one for you...
If it's any consolation, we conceived ds the month after having a very early mc like you have had. We'd been trying for ten months, had a mc at about 5 weeks, and lo and behold four weeks later I was pg again. HTH's.

OtterInaSkoda · 01/12/2009 11:40

Hi Glasgow. Yes, it is possible to ovulate a couple of weeks after a miscarriage. At least that's what the gynaecologist and nurse told me at our EPU after my MC.
Just as an aside, you know you're allowed to have sex whenever you want and not just when the OPK (ovulation test) says you can, don't you?
I only say that because sometimes I read posts and it looks like people only think it's worth shagging if the Predictor says they can. I'm sure the people over on the Board will know more about this but I was under the impression that the best way to conceive is to have sex throughout the month. OPKs sound like an excellent way to get women to shell out £££s on yet more pointless stuff at the chemists to me.

OtterInaSkoda · 01/12/2009 11:44

GAH! Totally screwed up that link. This should work:

sh77 · 02/12/2009 10:56

Hi sorry for your loss. I had my ERPC 2 weeks ago and I reckon I will be ovulating in next couple of days from the change in cervical mucus.

Monkey - did you have an erpc or natural loss? Am tempted to start trying again but doc said to wait 2 cycles to let lining of womb to thicken.

ChrisMissWooWoo · 02/12/2009 17:07

it seems that we all get told different things .... I recently had a natural loss and despite there being no "product" left the sonographer advised me to wait one cycle before trying again so that the womb could clear out anything it might have absorbed

bb99 · 03/12/2009 08:46


Sorry for your loss.

I was told to use contraceptives if having relations as ovulation could start at anytime.

Was told to wait 1 cycle before going on the pill again (thinking of taking advantage of 'super fertility' when coming off and giving body a break) to let hormones settle down and get back to normal.

With other mcs was told by consultant to wait at least 1 cycle before ttc, three if possible, just to let linings settle and sort out and thicken


I do know women who have conceived and carried on their first ovulation after a mc

We are all different!

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