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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

brown blood with cramps can someone help

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kayz22 · 22/11/2009 10:28


I am 6weeks and 5days pregnant and last saturday started to get mild cramps in my abdomen and lower back. I was told that it was usual in early pregnancy especially as it is my first.

Thursday night I started to loose a tiny amount of blood but it was more like a pink stain.

We went to A&E who took my blood and urine sample and sent me for a scan the following day. This had to be an internal as it was too early to do abdominal scan. Everything was fine they said that i was 6weeks and 3days an there was a heartbeat of 123bpm, later that evening i lost dark red blood with a clot in it. This was just as i wiped myself and after that it stopped. Since then i have been loosing brown blood. The pains havent stopped and every so often i loose a little bit of red blood but no clots can someone help. Would it of shown on the scan that a miscarriage was going to happen.

Feeling very low and confused.

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sowhatis · 22/11/2009 10:31

Sorry you are going through this. It is so worrying, i have been there myself 3 times, but had 2 healthy babies. bleeding doesnt always mean m/c. brown blood is 'old' blood, so those signs are good. The fact they could see a hb is also good. Rest and take things easy. Maybe ask for another scan iin the next week or so unless something changes significantly. Hope it all goes well. xx

JennyJW · 22/11/2009 15:27

I just wrote a really long message and then lost internet connection and i don't think it was posted.
I don't want to worry you but I went through exactly the same thing and then found out at 13 week scan that the baby had died. I too passed a little red blood and mainly brown blood. I had scan at 7 weeks and was told everything was ok and the little heart was beating. After that I kept on passing little brown blood every now and then and also had some cramps I told Dr and midwife who both said because everything was fine at scan it was ok. I then went for my 13 week scan and was told baby had died around 7-8 weeks.
I read somewhere that brown blood is very common in missed miscarriages. But then again you shouldn't believe everything you read. If I were you I would push for another scan as I think it is better to know now if it is bad news. But I do hope it is good news for you. Like others have said you can pass blood and then baby is fine anyway. Best of luck.

kayz22 · 28/11/2009 20:58

hi thanks for your advice i went for a scan on friday before last which i was 6weeks and everything was ok. As it worsened i went back for another the following friday and again everything was fine. Since then the pains have calmed and even though i am still loosing tiny amounts of brown blood i am thinking positive till i see the midwife.

OP posts:
JennyJW · 29/11/2009 18:21

Glad to hear everything is ok.

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