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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Week 7 of mc and feeling low

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daisytaylor · 20/11/2009 23:45

I was told at scan at 9 weeks that i had a mmc, that was on 9th october. Bled for 3 weeks quite heavy for 2 of those weeks and lost losts of clots and a sac. Then had another scan and told still not all gone. Bled some more and had another scan 2 weeks ago and they found another tiny sac. As i was still bleeding i was told to wait and let it happen naturally but that was over 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened. Spoke to gp tonight and he was so great and helpful and have decided to bring scan forward. Spoke to lady at epau and arranged to go in on tuesday for scan and speak to consultant and go from there. Just want it over with now. Asked about medication to help move things along but was told it isn't commonly used in our hospital [queens in romford] so may need erpc which i was really hoping to avoid. I am starting to feel really low about it all now and scared of getting an infection. Anyone on here had a similar experience or can offer advice.

OP posts:
randomimposter · 21/11/2009 07:53

so sorry daisy for your loss....

I had an ERPC after an MMC in August, and it was absolutely fine - really nothing to worry about. (And I HATE doctors and procedures and being messed around with). But it was (for me) the best way to deal with my MMC. Recovery was really quick, and not much bleeding, and there was this comforting sense of "closure" - that it was all dealt with. And I could grieve and move on. Now TTC again.

Good luck - from an Essex girl x

JennyJW · 21/11/2009 08:32

So sorry for your loss Daisy.

I can't offer you an answer. But just wanted to write anyway. My erpc was only a week and a half ago but I feel is it ever going to end? Like you I have passed some really large clots and lots of tiny little bits aswell. I went back to my GP last night and he said it is normal. He said that everything will come out eventually. But like you mentioned there is that worry of infection and having to do the erpc again. Althogh the erpc wasn't as bad and scary as I thought I want it all to be finished now. It's bad enough coping with the loss of the little on and then having to deal with the blood and the clots.
I hope you get on ok and that it will all pass naturally. Please let us know how you get on.

sh77 · 21/11/2009 14:45

Hi daisy

I found out at 9 weeks that my baby stopped growing at 5-6 weeks. I was adamant for a natural loss and waited 3 weeks. Not much happened and because it was getting me very down, I had an erpc 2 days ago when I should have been 12 weeks. I was becoming increasingly worried that it was taking so long and was scared of retained tissues and infection. I think I made the best decision for me. I agree with everything that jollster said about the procedure. I don't have much pain or bleeding and it feels like a weight has been lifted. You will make the right decision but if I was in your position, I would opt for erpc as there is no guarantee with the tablets that all the tissue will be expelled.

Let us know how you get on. I hope it is over very soon for you.

daisytaylor · 22/11/2009 15:00

Hi ladies, thank you all for your lovely messages of support. They are very much needed at the moment. Me and hubby have talked about it alot and i have now decided to just go for the erpc. I need to close this book now and move on. Had a really bad day today and have been in an awful mood too. Still no sign of this ending on its own and i think if it was going to happen it would of a few weeks ago when i had lots of bleeding.

OP posts:
sh77 · 22/11/2009 15:02

Hi daisy

It is good that you both talked things over and made a decision. I know how frustrating the wait is. Also, I have now realised that I didn't start to deal with the emotional side of things until after the ERPC. Wish you lots of love. x

sharon31210 · 22/11/2009 15:09

I was supposed to be 11 weeks pregannt on tuesday but found out i only measured 5 -6 weeks and that there was no heart beat, i just could not face letting nature take its course, i opted for the erpc, which i had on wednesday, feeling down with alittle bleeding now, but glad its all over. My boobs dont hurt anymore and my belly gone down. I hate not being pregnant but theres nothing i can do but wait n try again. The erpc is best option for closure and the sooner you start recovery the sooner you can try again. I know how you feel but the erpc only takes 10 mins, its just so sad and you should know that many of us out there are going through the same thing, so keep your chin up we are all thinking of you.

daisytaylor · 24/11/2009 12:50

Off to the hospital for a scan and to see a consultant. Had a small bleed last night with a few tiny clots but not much. Still can't decide wether to have erpc or ask for medication. I guess the erpc will be better but i am just so undecisive. Well appointment is at 2.30 so wish me luck and i'll update when i get back. Thanks for all your support.

OP posts:
Stressbaker · 24/11/2009 12:57

Good luck. I had an MMC about 5 years ago and had an erpc. I too thought I was about 12 weeks but was told it had stopped growing at 8. By far the best support I had in the following weeks was by phone with the lady from the Miscarriage Association. She was supportive, helpful, informative, and most importantly just let me rant and cry on the phone for about an hour. Good luck with everything, and make sure you give yourself space to grieve. xxxx

daisytaylor · 24/11/2009 17:46

Hi stressbaker so sorry to hear of your loss, this is now my 4th mc. I have had 2 erpc's, 1 natural mc and now this. Went to hospital today and was scanned by a very nice doctor and told me that the sac although a little smaller was still there. It is now measuring 6.4mm and 2 1/2 weeks ago it was 10mm. I didn't want to wait any longer as this is now been going on for 8 weeks. He said as it was so small i should try medication as it is less invasive and i could stay at home so that is what i did. I took 4 tablets of misolprostal and waited for 30 minutes and was then allowed home. So far i have had cramping and light bleeding. So fingers crossed this will work. I am due back next tuesday for another scan.

OP posts:
daisytaylor · 26/11/2009 10:19

Hi all just thought i would give an update. Had the medication on tuesday and i have been bleeding heavier in the last 24 hours and passed some clots and no pain at all since tuesday night. Bleeding is managable but i'm guessing as most of it came out a few weeks ago and it is just this small sac that is why its not so bad. The first 24 hours after taking the tablets i felt very unwell but i am now glad i done it as i wasn't so keen on having the op. So hoping that this will be it now and i can soon have the closure i need and move on.

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