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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Sad day today :(

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Kazzac69 · 19/11/2009 11:21

My baby's (from the third miscarriage) due date was today. I'm not pregnant either.

Sorry just wanted to share that with someone and I don't think they'd appreciate it at work.

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MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours · 19/11/2009 11:22

Oh dear that is sad. Don't know what to say to help but I am sorry.

giraffesCannaeFlingPieces · 19/11/2009 11:27

Thinking of you today.

stephie101 · 19/11/2009 13:38

Oh hun, thats sad, i'm kind of lost for words, just thinking of you. I havn't thought that far ahead yet, I would of been due in june, didn't get as far as a dating scan though.

Chin up chick...xx

Kazzac69 · 19/11/2009 14:06

Thanks for all your support, try telling this to anyone in RL and they just think you'r making a big thing out of nothing

OP posts:
bb99 · 19/11/2009 16:04

I know exactly what you mean - everyone thought I'd lost the plot when I felt sad at my first forever baby's due date (and at the next one's). I lit candles and went out for a lovely meal to remember what might have been

Thinking of you.

spanishgirl · 21/11/2009 08:43

Thinking of you, those dates are hard, I always remember my due date for my first little one (that never was). I think it's the most normal thing in the world to feel sad that day.

daisytaylor · 21/11/2009 10:33

Hi so sorry for your loss. I remember all my due dates for all 4 of my mc's and so does my husband. We sit and talk about it and have a cuddle. No one should ever be treated like they are being stupid by remembering as its our way of dealing with it.

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