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passing clots a week after erpc, normal?

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JennyJW · 17/11/2009 19:42

Thank you to those who answered my previous questions. Got another one now. It's now a week since my erpc. Had quite alot of bleeding first night and passed some clots. Spoke to Dr the following day said this is normal. After that I haven't had much bleeding and in fact I thought earlier today it had stopped. Until this afternoon when I started to bleed again. It's not filling the pads but alot on tissue when going to loo and also red in loo. Late this afternoon I actually passed quite a large clot. Is this ok or should I be worried? I thought the erpc was supposed to get rid of everything? Why do you bleed after an erpc? Where is all the blood from?

OP posts:
EldonAve · 17/11/2009 19:53

sometimes they don't get everything out

you need to go back to the doc/hosp and get checked out as you may have retained tissue

sh77 · 17/11/2009 21:20

I had a meeting with my consultant today and I asked him how he would know that everything has been passed and he just said he has been doing it so long and that from the feel of the device in the uterud, he would know. It is a bling procedure that is not guided my ultrasound or any other device and so I don't think they can know.

I think you should get a scan done and get your hcg blood tests. I have mine on Thursady and I find the whole thing worrying but have waited over 3 weeks for a natural loss.

Before your erpc, did you have a preoperative assessment? If so, were your bloods taken?

JennyJW · 17/11/2009 23:36

Yes I did have my bloods taken. Why?

OP posts:
sh77 · 18/11/2009 12:43

I saw my consulatnt yesteday and he never took any bloods (incase of excess blood loss and transfusion). Maybe he will do it tomorrow. I was just worried that's all.

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